Virtually Free Light Tent for Small Product Photography


Introduction: Virtually Free Light Tent for Small Product Photography

There are plenty of ibles out there on how to create your own light tent.
Why write another one? :)

Of course, you can build your own light box out of very inexpensive items available at hardware or department store. But what if you could make it out of items available at home at no cost?

If you ever need to shoot something for your blog during holidays at your friends/parents place miles away from your photo equipment here is what you can do...

Step 1: Household Items Needed

What you need:

2 table lamps
leaf of white paper (use other colors if needed)
white cloth

Step 2: Take Action

Put stool on table upside-down.
Fix leaf of paper with pushpins.
Cover stool with white cloth.
Direct lamps to sides and top of the set.
Place your object.
Enjoy :)



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    Perfect, I have 24 stools in my classroom. This would be a perfect design challenge. If I use it I'll let you know how it went. Thanks

    Cool idea, but what I really want to know is where did that adorable stuffed tiger come from? He's so cute!

    1 reply

    You gave me an idea, I was thinking of easy storage light tent. You know those collapsible chairs, instead of a stool and the great part is you can secure it using clothespins.

    1 reply

    Just exercise a habbit of looking around to find new ways to use ordinary things.
    I'm glad I inspired you :)

    Cool Dude on all levals. Youv'e got the stance just right and the light is good.

    Previously I have used some folded paper as light tent which gives good results but is rather unstable. I like your approach a lot.

    1 reply

    I'm quite happy my write-up helped at least one person out there :)