Virus Prank





Introduction: Virus Prank

This will freak out your friends or whoever you do it to! They will think that their hard drive will get fried. It is completely reversable.

Virus Prank 2:

Step 1: Run the VIRUS

In the start menu, there should be something that says "Run". Click on that and type in "VIRUS" and press OK. An error message should come up with the title "VIRUS".

Step 2: Paint

Now do "Prnt Scrn" (Print Screen) and paste it into MS Paint. Now click on the tool that copies a color and right click on the grey part of the error message. Now erase all of the text.

Step 3: Write New Words

With the text being "Times New Romans" and the font size 8, write a new error message in all CAPS. I wrote this: "WARNING! A VIRUS HAS BEEN DETECTED! SHUT YOUR COMPUTER OFF RIGHT NOW AND TAKE IT TO A PROFESSIONAL TO PREVENT YOUR COMPUTER FROM NEVER WORKING AGAIN!" You can write something different if you want.

Step 4: Make It the Background

Now all you need to do is make it the background of the computer. So the next time someone turns it on, they will freak out!



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hey shadowdragon
a much more effective thing to do is something i used to do in my school
if you open notepad
type in
and copy and past that about a bazillion times
then save as virus.vbs
or whatever you want to call it
then change the icon and copy and paste it over the items in the desktop
then everytime they try run something on the desktop (usually when they try open internet explorer or firefox) it runs that and displays the message
it doesnt harm anything on the computer at all
takes about 3 seconds to put all the icons back to normal
but it is an actual messagebox that pops up
and cos it says "vbcritical" it actually makes the sound a critical error makes when it opens
and cos youve copy and pasted it
whenever they close it
another one opens =]
for a good while anyways
or you cud have it as one of the programs that runs on "startup" of the computer
but that means it will bug you as well
and in school or office you might get told off for "editing the logon script"
whereas with my way they just sorta sigh and giggle a bit once they realise
but it still scares the bajeesus out of peoples


Have Fun With This!!!!

also known as Mong or El-Mongo

lol, I did this a couple of years ago to my computer teacher...
not the exact same thing, but popups filled the whole screen....
The result = a year of being banned from school computers, and a couple hours of community service...

not my best decision, but funny all the same
the computer administrator actually called in a professional computer expert to delete the little batch file...Those admins are soooooo smart at my school!

(funny how one line of code can get you screwed over! :) )

omg you got community service?

put it in startup it really screws with the computer

I did that once, only I didn't get caught. The way I did it is that I put it on a website.


lol, our admins dont care. untill my friend managed to get a cpu beep loop on every single computer on the school. that was rat.

i dont get it. i add the code, save it, then what

then click file, save as background, CENTERED, and wait! : D

nice pic