This will freak out your friends or whoever you do it to! They will think that their hard drive will get fried. It is completely reversable.

Virus Prank 2: https://www.instructables.com/id/Virus-Prank-2/

Step 1: Run the VIRUS

In the start menu, there should be something that says "Run". Click on that and type in "VIRUS" and press OK. An error message should come up with the title "VIRUS".

Step 2: Paint

Now do "Prnt Scrn" (Print Screen) and paste it into MS Paint. Now click on the tool that copies a color and right click on the grey part of the error message. Now erase all of the text.

Step 3: Write New Words

With the text being "Times New Romans" and the font size 8, write a new error message in all CAPS. I wrote this: "WARNING! A VIRUS HAS BEEN DETECTED! SHUT YOUR COMPUTER OFF RIGHT NOW AND TAKE IT TO A PROFESSIONAL TO PREVENT YOUR COMPUTER FROM NEVER WORKING AGAIN!" You can write something different if you want.

Step 4: Make It the Background

Now all you need to do is make it the background of the computer. So the next time someone turns it on, they will freak out!
hey shadowdragon<br/>a much more effective thing to do is something i used to do in my school<br/>if you open notepad<br/>type in<br/>x=msgbox(&quot;WARNING! A VIRUS HAS BEEN DETECTED&quot;,vbCritical,&quot;VIRUS&quot;)<br/>and copy and past that about a bazillion times<br/>then save as virus.vbs<br/>or whatever you want to call it<br/>then change the icon and copy and paste it over the items in the desktop<br/>then everytime they try run something on the desktop (usually when they try open internet explorer or firefox) it runs that and displays the message<br/>it doesnt harm anything on the computer at all<br/>takes about 3 seconds to put all the icons back to normal<br/>but it is an actual messagebox that pops up<br/>and cos it says &quot;vbcritical&quot; it actually makes the sound a critical error makes when it opens<br/>and cos youve copy and pasted it<br/>whenever they close it<br/>another one opens =]<br/>for a good while anyways<br/>or you cud have it as one of the programs that runs on &quot;startup&quot; of the computer<br/>but that means it will bug you as well<br/>and in school or office you might get told off for &quot;editing the logon script&quot;<br/>whereas with my way they just sorta sigh and giggle a bit once they realise<br/>but it still scares the bajeesus out of peoples<br/><br/>=D<br/><br/>Have Fun With This!!!!<br/>=]<br/><br/>thinker<br/>also known as Mong or El-Mongo<br/>
lol, I did this a couple of years ago to my computer teacher...<br/>not the exact same thing, but popups filled the whole screen....<br/>The result = a year of being banned from school computers, and a couple hours of community service...<br/><br/>not my best decision, but funny all the same<br/>the computer administrator actually called in a professional computer expert to delete the little batch file...Those admins are soooooo smart at my school!<br/><br/>(funny how one line of code can get you screwed over! :) )<br/>
<p>omg you got community service?</p>
put it in startup it really screws with the computer
I did that once, only I didn't get caught. The way I did it is that I put it on a website.
lol, our admins dont care. untill my friend managed to get a cpu beep loop on every single computer on the school. that was rat.
hahaha!!! brilliant!
i dont get it. i add the code, save it, then what
then click file, save as background, CENTERED, and wait! : D
<p>nice pic</p>
You can use a Do/While or a For/Next loop.
yes<br/>you can<br/>but that wud create an infinite loop, unless i created a perimeter such as index+1 stop when index = 30<br/>or something<br/>which is needlessly complicated when doing something just for fun<br/>and requires declaration of variables and shiz, which when doing something for fun like this, was totally pointless<br/><br/>So yes, i could have used a do/while or for/next loop, but i found that when im making something that is going to be deleted when found, copy and pasting a line 30 times seems a lot better(quicker), then actually fully scripting something.<br/><br/>but it is considered bad practise to do so i suppose =]<br/>
<p>You have no idea how seriously we programmers take our pranks.</p>
best code ever.<br/><br/>dim one as integer<br/>one = 1<br/>if one = 2 then quit<br/>else msgbox &quot;one does not yet equal two&quot;<br/>endif<br/>
also try: do system.diagnostics.process.start("explorer","") beep loop
yeah i knew that one =p<br/>best thing i found<br/>was a backdoor into our college computers<br/>(they use Novell)<br/>that let me edit the logon scripts of one computer<br/>well<br/>all i did was edit it<br/>and then get it to save to the persons account<br/>cos they all had a virtual drive<br/>and then it copied to the next computer<br/>which when someone else logged onto it copied onto Their login script<br/>it was really really simple coding<br/>and it ran a .vbs program<br/>that beeped<br/>3 times<br/>while they logged in<br/>and while almost unnoticable at first<br/>3 beeps on one computer<br/>when 3 people have it<br/>then 9<br/>then 27<br/>as more people use the computers used by the people with the script<br/>suddenly the first minute of any computing lesson was filled with loud beeps<br/><br/>eeeh<br/>i love that beep command<br/>
That sounds like that the computer is gonna <strong><em>explode;</em></strong> freaky<br>
Dude, post the script for that! plz
another good one for noobs press CTRL + ALT + UP key press CTRL + ALT + DOWN to reverse only works on intel graphics
works on nvidia also
haha that's beautiful
i get the error message of "cannot use parentheses when calling a Sub" what should i do now?
what do you mean &quot;then change the icon and copy and paste it over the items in the desktop&quot; ?
thats also silly - change your privileges to administrator using regedit (this is not always necessary) then change the shortcuts so they link to the program. Also, instead of just going a virus has been detected it is much better to make a timer event, output the time in a box and make the computer shut down when the timer reaches zero or if you dont want to shut it down make it open a box saying virus cleaned
you need admin privileged to use regedit
How can I link this script to shoudown.exe so that when the victim clicks the "OKAY" button, the shutdown command runs with a timer, so they think something sacary is really gonna happen?
Sorry for bringing back posts an old 'ible, but you can link the .vbs script to &quot;shutdown.exe&quot; by adding these lines:<br /> <br /> <br /> Dim timeinseconds<br /> timeinseconds = (put a number in between these parantheses)<br /> Set Wshshell = CreateObject(&quot;Wscript.shell&quot;)<br /> Wshshell.run(&quot;C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\shutdown.exe &quot; &amp; timeinseconds)<br />
You could do that with C++.
or... you can write <br/><br/>do<br/>x=msgbox(&quot;WARNING! A VIRUS HAS BEEN DETECTED&quot;,vbCritical,&quot;VIRUS&quot;)<br/>loop<br/><br/>and it will go on forever in a very nice 1k package<br/>
how do u stop this with out logging off or shutting the computer down
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del or Delete to open up the task manager. Then click on the Applications tab, look for something that says vbsscript.exe or something along those lines, it should have a rather colorful cube as an icon. Then click on that and click on end task on the bottom, it'll take a couple seconds but it will go away. And if you can find the same thing on the Processes tab and click end task, it should end immediatly.<br />
For Vista and XP it is: wsscript.exe
good idea tis is what i want to do to my sister i want to make one of viruses and make it say "WARNING:A VIRUS HAS BEEN DETECTED TO SAVE YOUR COMPUTER GIVE ALL RESPECT TO YOUR BROTHER AND LET HIM FIX IT!" and after she gave it to me i would quit the currant virus and make one the reproduces like 1,000,000,00 times
fork bombs FTW
or put a shutdown command in startup... MUAHAHA
hey man i did this its so awesome! i made different messeges too! like one is "hi!" then you exit and its "whyd you do that?" and so on and so forth its so funny! thx thinker!
cool, what do u type in notepad for it?
thinker that is quite cool
On the Macs at our school, we opened Stickies, typed in a virus warning type message, turned up the volume, and told the computer to use the speech service. As we left, the computer started spouting off stuff about corrupted disks!
Then we reprogrammed the shortcut keys so that they would all make the current program quit or do other annoying stuff.
lol, nice idea.
Certainly are a thinker! : D
Hahaha nice.
<p>cool</p><p>Twitter: @msoisanidiot</p>
<p>Haha self advertising am I right.</p><p>Please listen to my songs</p>
Anyone who is even remotely intelligent could know that this is bogus... First off, Windows wouldn't type in all caps. Second, it wouldn't say &quot;SHUT YOUR COMPUTER OFF RIGHT NOW AND TAKE IT TO A PROFESSIONAL TO PREVENT YOUR COMPUTER FROM NEVER WORKING AGAIN!&quot;. Third, if Windows did happen to display a message signaling the user of a virus, they would be able to hit okay.
<p>Many Windows users *aren't* remotely intelligent.</p>
If you were truly stupid you would unplug it and take it to Geek Squad unlike us at Instructables. We do all of our own computer reapairs!!! If you want to do a REAL prank open Notepad and type in : <br> <br>@echo off <br>echo Warning (Random Virus Program(AVG Anti-Virus) has detetected a threat. <br>echo Booting in Command Prompt to avoid detection <br>pause&gt; nul <br>echo Virus Type: <br>echo Trojan Gen. 3 <br>pause&gt; nul <br>echo Attemping to remove virus... <br>echo Loading file location C:/Mycomputer/system32/WINDOWS/GENWS1 <br>echo FHHJG^$HNY^U&amp;^%J&amp;I5ujk67MKUY&amp;^IMJK67jii86iuht5e4y47uh65u7 <br>echo Virus removal failed... <br>pause&gt; nul <br>echo Virus too advanced. Loading file locations: <br>echo Anti-Virus detector.exe is corrupted... <br>echo System Shutdown in progress... <br>echo Shutdown is in progress to protect data... <br>shutdown -m <br> <br>Save it as Internet.bat and save it on the victims desktop. WAY better than this!

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