Picture of Visco Fuse Bottle Rockets
This instructable will show you how to make your own bottle rockets using Visco fuse as propellant. Visco can be purchased at many online stores. I buy mine from the local firework wholesale shop. I am not taking any credit for this design, I have just modified it. The changes I've made have been mostly weight reduction. I have made changes to the bamboo skewer, the crimping method, the crimper spacer, and the amount of computer paper used. In my first test, I noticed that the rocket did not shoot straight up but off to the side. This could have been due to a few different reasons but when I reduced the overall weight and crimped it a certain way, it seemed to fix it. This was also posted at skylighter.com as well and originated from a book written by Lancaster.

***Just a quick side note: I do not take any responsibility for your actions while constructing this firework, or any others presented to you, by myself. ***

Step 1: Gather the Required Materials

Picture of Gather the Required Materials
You will need:
(1) Hot Glue Gun
(1) Drill with 1/8 inch bit
(1) 1 in X 3 in strip of masking tape
(1) Glue Stick
(1) 2.5 in length of Visco Fuse
(6) 1 in lengths of Visco Fuse
(1) 1.75 in X 5 in strip of computer printer paper
(1) Ballpoint pen **Make sure it has a slightly rounded end
(1) Length of twine or string
(1) Bamboo Skewer
(1) Pair of scissors

Various powdered metals, such as Zinc, Aluminum, or Titanium
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ChrisH235 months ago

if your having trouble finding the visco fuse checkout viscofuse.co.uk

Logan Hanssen6 months ago
What do you think rust will do to the color?
Dandeman321 (author)  Logan Hanssen6 months ago
Iron oxide should produce orange sparks trails.
Thank you!
fancypants239 months ago
only problem is im running out of fuse fast and im a poor man, but will give it a try someday!:)
suberk2 years ago
Very good idea.
BCSTechie2 years ago
I've got some fuse, (+100) which burns REALLY fast, like 1 sec/ft fast. Will this still work? Or will it just blow up the paper casing due to the extreme pressure? Has anyone tried this with this kind of fuse?
Dandeman321 (author)  BCSTechie2 years ago
Hrm, yeah, that may blow up. Might as well try! If it does you just have a nice firecracker.
bjc40732 years ago
greatness! mine do circles and i love it
Toga_Dan2 years ago
Is the crimp a restricted nozzle?
Dandeman321 (author)  Toga_Dan2 years ago
Yup! It provides the directed lifting thrust needed for the rocket to launch. Once it's flying, the nozzle will burn away but the burning fuse is enough to keep it in motion.
toezar002 years ago
Cool....Very Cool
thebutler3 years ago
thank you so much this is awesome i made one and it works awesomely and i love it
Dandeman321 (author)  thebutler3 years ago
Glad to hear it!
Dguy423 years ago
could you use 3mm chinese visco that burns at a rate of 28second per foot
Dandeman321 (author)  Dguy423 years ago
Yeah that sounds like it would work. Light a test piece and put it on a hard surface. If it starts shooting around and moving quickly then you're good to go. If it just sits there and burns without movement, it probably wont work.
what kind of fuse would u recomend
Dandeman321 (author)  Dguy423 years ago
I just used the kind that the local firework store carried. Any type of fast burning cannon fuse should work. I don't have specific details on what type I used. It just came in a clear package labeled cannon fuse.
thanks, i just ordered some from cannonfuse.com.... Lets hope it works

could you make it from cannon fuse
Dandeman321 (author)  airgunguy1233 years ago
Yeah, I believe cannon fuse is the same as visco. For a quick test, take an inch or two of your cannon fuse, lay it on the ground, and light it. If it starts spinning around and going all over the place, it should produce enough thrust to be used for these rockets.
could you also use flying fish fuse for the 1 inch pieces? i want to make these with color but i dont wanna use metals
I'm not entirely sure... I've never used any flying fish fuse so I don't know if it would work. It looks similar to visco so the thickness would be about the same but I don't know how much thrust it will put out. Give it a go! That's a good idea!
well, it said on the site that it put out a TON of thrust, so i think it should be fine, maybe even better.
K cool! Give it a go! Let me know how to works!
tomass19964 years ago
does anyone know wher to buy this that will ship to new zealand??
C1hrisin1234 years ago
lockpick5 years ago
I'm not allowed to buy stuff off the internet so where can I buy disco fuse in the bay are?
lol, you're not allowed? and wtf?! DISCO fuse?
Yeah I'm not allowed. My parents are really strict about what I do I proabably should find a beter hiding place for those F rocket motors in my closet. And curse the typo god about the disco.
thorpenny5 years ago
Great idea. my parents won't let me buy fuse though, they know how much of a pyromaniac i am so they don't trust me with fire. lol, nice job though.
Dandeman321 (author)  PyroMaster0076 years ago
Haha yeah my parents weren't too thrilled with my hobby. Thanks!
how'd you get them to let you? right now i pretend i am into model rocketry so i can get rocket engines (which i crush up and make powdered fuel from). it'd be niice to come outta hiding.
Dandeman321 (author)  PyroMaster0076 years ago
Hah well it depends on your age. When I was younger I had to hide it. Later, my parents just saw that I was being responsible about it. I also assured them that I wasn't making anything destructive like m-80s. I like the display aspect of fireworks rather than the blowing stuff up. I don't know how you are.
well, i have to agree. i have to hide it all. i convinced her to buy lighter fluid by offering to cook dinner.
Dandeman321 (author)  PyroMaster0076 years ago
Haha nice.
I know right... here come the fireballs... I also convinced her to buy me lighters by saying i need them for a boy scout camping trip (to light fires) that worked too!!!
Exact same way I got my lighters
she could just be humouring you.
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