Step 4: Crimping

Picture of Crimping
This step is key. If the crimp is not tight enough or is not correctly done, the rocket will just burn. It may be a bit complicated but after you do one and see what I'm talking about, it should come easier. Start off by inserting your crimping spacer, feeding the fuse through the hole, until the masking tape stops it from entering any further. Next feel around for the space that is created between your spacer and the bottom of your fuses and work it around and squeeze it. You want to make it weaker than the rest of the tube so it will fold easily. Now firmly grip the top of the rocket with one hand and the spacer with the other. Slowly twist and push until the paper folds down nicely. To finish it off, tie a knot around it with your string to keep it from unfolding.
Toga_Dan3 years ago
Is the crimp a restricted nozzle?
Dandeman321 (author)  Toga_Dan3 years ago
Yup! It provides the directed lifting thrust needed for the rocket to launch. Once it's flying, the nozzle will burn away but the burning fuse is enough to keep it in motion.
JohnLeB6 years ago
You can make a small nozzle using plumbers cement (at hardware store, by forming a plug and drilling it out when dry or forming around a 1/8" drill bit(coat w/ oil to slide it out). Then use a 30 degree angle drill bit or guess w/ an exacto knife and cut a divergent cone on the nozzle. A small groove around the outside of the plug w/ enable you to tie it tightly to the casing after you insert it. This will probably double your range.. if your nozzle blows up/out, expand the diameter to match your fuze count!
Dandeman321 (author)  JohnLeB6 years ago
Yeah! Good idea. You need to make sure it's light weight as well.
whats the pnt of tieing the string like that?
Dandeman321 (author)  grizzly g6 years ago
It keeps the nozzle from blowing out.
ok thank you
Beaters7 years ago
This is where the trick of leaning how to tie a clove hitch with one hand comes in handy. Also, if one uses a screw-in hook anchored in a wooden post, one can really get a good grip on that string to pull it tight. A dab of wheat paste on the string and it isn't going anywhere after it dries.