Lamp Charging Station


Introduction: Lamp Charging Station

Charging Station

Once again most of these parts are from my dads shop.He past away several years ago.Finally taking the time to clean up some things and instead of throwing these things away.I decided to repurpose many items.

The usb outlet and switch are new from Home Depot

4-1/2 90's

3-1/2 T's

2-1/2 caps

9-1/2 close nipples

2-1/2 wire clamps

1-lamp socket

1-computer cord

1-lamp shape from Goodwill

1-2 port USB outlet

1-decora switch

misc. wirenuts and lamp parts

My goal was to use as many used and recycled parts as I could.

Again this lamp is intended to be a nightstand charging station for a phone etc.



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    I do have more on here. If you follow Me I think you can see all of them.

    This is Awesome!