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Now, all new PCs come with Windows Vista. They no longer come with XP. As many people know, Vista is a RAM hog, especially Vista Ultimate. All that means is just that it is really, really slow. Most computer people will tell you that in order to enjoy the speed of Vista, you need 2-3Gb of RAM. My XP computer was very fast with just 512Mb of RAM. This instructable is going to talk about how to "tweak" Vista to make it faster. Everything in this instructable is risk free so you dont have to worry about getting the BSOD

Step 1: Disable Transparency

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Right click your desktop
Select Personalize
Choose Windows Color And Appearance
Uncheck Enable Transparency
Click OK

Step 2: Disable the Animation for Minimizing and Maximizing Windows

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Go to Control Panel
Click System and Maintenance
Select Performance Information and Tools
Click Advanced Tools
Click Adjust The Appearance and Performance of Windows
Uncheck all of them except for Use Visual Styles on Windows and Buttons

Step 3: Power Options

Picture of Power Options

Go back to System and Maintenance
Select Power Options
Select High Performance

Step 4: A Few Tips

CCleaner is very good program for keeping your computer running fast. It fixes registry and cleans unwanted files. It can be obtained herehere.
Registry Cleaner also works well for this.

Another thing is viruses. Vista is very secure but you always need to be conscience of what your downloading. Websites that have Keygens, Cracks, or Serials are usually dangerous. I recommend AVG because it is the best. It finds all the kinds of Viruses. Most hackers are trying to break in through Norton because many people have it. It also comes on most computers. I reccomend buying AVG because the freeware version finds things but is not always able to clean them. Also, even though AVG gets spyware, I like Spyware Doctor or Spysweeper just in case. The freeware version of spyware doctor is herehere.

Defragmenting every now and then isn't a bad idea. Also, disk clean up helps. These can help you if you have limited disk space as CCleaner does.

Last but not least, always update your computer. This will patch problems and improve your security.

Step 5: Smaller Versions of Vista

Vista the OS is very big. The most helpful thing that sped up my Vista was a program called Vlite. This is a very simple and helpful program to cut out unwanted components in Vista. For example, the special computer accommodations for blind people. Not many people need these. All you need to do is extract a copy of any version of Vista to a folder. In Vlite select that folder and it will give you options. You can preintegrate hotfixes, drivers or files so you already have them after installing Vista. You can set setting so you don't have to after installation. Once your done, it will make that folder into an .iso for you, so you can burn it and boot from the disk. Or mount it with PowerISO. I will probably post more detailed instructions later but that is another instructable. Here is the freeware:

Important: You will need to obtain an authentic/genuine version of vista to do this. AKA a Clean version. Those dumb recovery discs that they gave you won't work. Microsoft has encrypted them.

Always remember to test your new Vista as a virtual machine just to check that you didn't screw anything up.


MelissaM51 (author)2015-10-06

Working on a older laptop that's running vista, tried upgrading to windows 8, now laptop will not even boot up, don't have a repair disc for vista and cannot get it to start n safe mode....please help

jussijames (author)2015-05-08

Tried this on my old but was running HP -running vista and now it will not boot. "A DISK READ ERROR OCCURED.' Ok this sucks..... now what?

cheezyguy5 (author)jussijames2015-06-29

Take the boot disc out of the disc tray, that should fix the problem.

PrakashP4 (author)2015-02-17

System tweaking
software like Advance system care also increase your system speed

BobJ3 (author)2014-12-10

I would like to share this as it helped me. :)

ArrideSoftI made it! (author)2014-11-05

I am using arride pc optimizer software that give me full support to do faster work and keep far to the all kind of viruses and errors from pc.

Try @

connor.mcmahon.399 (author)2014-10-07

AVG for life. I only use Vista ultimate on VMware workstation

Takelababy (author)2013-05-04

Thank you so much for this info. Youtube is much faster with the odd hesitation instead of numerous long waits.

johnwalter629 (author)2012-09-26

Thank you for the effort of sharing this helpful information to us. Many of us are actually having problems with our MS Vista PC and we need this. Ahm, I would just like to highlight that one way of speeding up your Vista PC is to clean Windows registry. Here are the steps for this based on a helpful resource:

1) Before manually cleaning a computer registry, create a backup file in case you accidentally delete necessary files.

2) You should establish a system restore point within the computer before running registry cleanup software or manually editing registry files.

3) Due to the sensitive nature of the computer registry, PC users should use a software application to clean the registry. Software programs, such as Regcure, TweakNow Regclean or Max Registry Cleaner, scan the registry to detect errors, fix system errors and help improve computer performance. However, you can also find some free registry cleaners on the internet.

nbagf (author)2010-10-01


dude111115 (author)2009-01-07

Hey guys, i know a better way to make vista faster, and it works with xp too. make a system paging file, sso the computer can use it instead of some of the RAM ( i made it 60gb paging file and now my computer NEVER lags or slows down, i dont even have a dual core )

munchman (author)dude1111152009-01-08

But, with a computer always accessing a paging file, you will eventually wear out the HDD and also fragment the drive. Besides, windows only resorts to a paging file once most of the memory is full.

dude111115 (author)munchman2009-01-08

Yes, but heres how you avoid seriously fragmenting. you use prifiform defraggler ( the fastest defragmenter ) and defragment the drive, THEN you do the paging file. it doesnt wear out the drive, i've had a paging file of 60gb for 1 year, and sstill just as good. and with a SET paging file, windows wont need to resort to it, either way your computer will go faster, even when your not using all your RAM to have to need it.

munchman (author)dude1111152009-01-08


dude111115 (author)munchman2009-01-08

Haha, im only 12, but im a comptuer GENIOUS! lol, if you have anymore questions feel free to ask. ill respond when im done tormenting my computer by messing with it.

munchman (author)dude1111152009-01-08

Oh I do not doubt your abilities, I am obviously not as experienced as you in the field of paging files. BTW, I have messed with my PC in the past. They tend to get angry.

dude111115 (author)munchman2009-01-08

thats funny. if you need help whe nyour gonna mess with your pc pm me, i can help you if u mess it up ( ive taken apart and put my computer back together several times already )

Bluedove2897 (author)dude1111152009-07-24

I've taken apart computers now I'm building one! and I'm only 12 aswell

dude111115 (author)Bluedove28972009-07-24

Ya, well i got Windows 3.1 and 95 on an ipod touch! so, i think this game is won. lol. i build PC's all the time with the money i make doing other things. hahaha my best friends payin my 10 dollars to put windows on his ipod too......

you will always be a virgin

Who me or dude111115

 haha soo true!

greenbean (author)dude1111152009-07-29

Ya, well I built a computer from scratch. I soldered the motherboard together on a generic circuit board. The thing is huge cause of the full sized transistors...there are 6000 of them. To processor was the toughest to make. For the hard drive I just used an SD card though....I didn't make that part... So anyways I'm a kid too so shut up and learn some manners. (And spelling) PS: I think me just putting windows ME on a router beats the ipod touch thing. That's a piece of cake! It's already a computer! All apple computers are windows compatible! A challenge would be to reverse it.... Make a pc run on mac.

munchman (author)greenbean2009-07-30

Please, can everyone just stay calm! Great you are all capable, you all have experience. There is no 'war', you just all need to cool off and stop trying to better people. Sure, blow your own trumpet - but the way to show your skills isn't attempting to belittle people! So, can everyone please just calm down and agree that everyone here is experienced, no matter the age. PS, greenbean - google 'hackintosh'

greenbean (author)munchman2009-07-30

No way! Mac stole Intel! Hahaha thanks for updating my news reel. But why would anyone want to Mac-ify a perfectly good Windows system?

munchman (author)dude1111152009-01-09

Thanks for the offer, however I do like to think myself capable.

jkawano (author)dude1111152010-07-14

I teach high school japanese (7th through seniors) but don't have any computer hot shots. my vista computer has slowed down, word perfect files open annoyingly slow and i think it's something that's happened over 2 years with windows. i'm not good enough to reformat and reload all my programs. i use mainly wordperfect and internet 500g hard drive with 350 free 3 g ram. do you have any suggestions? thanks, jon

Gryphen (author)dude1111152010-06-10

Well if you need to be a genius to change a vista page file then I guess you need Einstein to use a command prompt or shell.

Arbitror (author)dude1111152009-05-17

You must be a GENIUS!
Genius is spelled G-E-N-I-U-S, not G-E-N-I-O-U-S!

munchman (author)Arbitror2009-05-18

Um... not meaning to be rude, but this is a pretty old thread for corrections now

Arbitror (author)munchman2009-05-18

It's only a couple months old...

junits15 (author)dude1111152010-05-28

60 GB?! seriously?! You have to understand that even 64 bit windows can only have a max of 24GB ram. sou yo are wasting valuable disk space!  Also hard drives have I/O speeds much slower than RAM, so unless you have an SSD you wont see that much of a difference. Also by default windows automatically manages the page file, so you don't have to change anything.

umer riaz (author)dude1111152010-04-04

how can we set paging file tell me plz

a_asgari2007 (author)dude1111152009-12-31

can you please tell me how i can make my hp laptop ( vista home premium on it ) work faster.
i made a new instalation and now my internet explorer and other programs run so slow. How can i make the file you said?

twocvbloke (author)dude1111152009-05-10

A paging file works even faster is you set it up on a second hard drive, one used solely for storage, that way windows (be it 95 or Vista) won't need to bounce the hard drive heads about on a single drive to load everything aswell as read and write to the PF... :) Believe me, it works!!! :D (and I'm a computer engineer, so do have experience of this)

danger boy (author)twocvbloke2009-07-07

would this work if I set up a virtual drive on my real one and used that?

fwjs28 (author)2008-06-17

my favorit thing to do is: download unix(or your fav linux) to a jump drive Go to the start menu in any version of windows and click Run... Type Cmd and hit enter Type format c: /y Reboot (changing bios settings to boot from usb) your de-vista-fied computer and install onto your hard-drive!!! enjoy

collard41 (author)fwjs282008-10-28

yeh but the thing is, many applications dont support Linux and also if you buy a computer you dont want to wipe off £150 of its value just because you dont like windows

Gryphen (author)collard412010-06-11

There are a lot of programs for linux. And if you don't want to get rid of windows because you think it adds value or you need windows only programs(that don't work in wine) just do a dual boot, It's really easy just google it. BTW I don't think that manufacturers pay full retail price for windows.

bcnr33skyline187 (author)fwjs282008-10-28

ill have to try that, it sounds easy and it sounds like it will make it a million times faster

fwjs28 (author)bcnr33skyline1872008-10-28

thefoodman (author)2010-05-09

 If you make your computer look like the classic windows it goes way faster.

umer riaz (author)2010-04-04

tip 2 makes vista look like xp

robot797 (author)2010-01-13

does this keep the vista look?

Fashim (author)2009-07-23

Im using Avast! AVG seems pretty good but i really want to know what the best Virus Scanner Program

maruseru (author)2009-06-22

second that.... (i'm a smartass :P)

Tauro (author)2009-01-10

Good tips on vista performance. would like to come back again.

ArisenProdigy (author)2008-11-25

Yeah... I've done all these. My 8 year old XP with less RAM and a Pentium 4 seems to do laps around my Vista Duo Core.

baneat (author)2008-11-06

The smartass answer to the question would be use XP, and I stand by it.

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