Ever since Windows Vista was released, I've always wanted to Vista-lize my XP. But all those tutorials just told me to use the VTP. I tried the VTP before and hated it. I wanted a package that wouldn't sacrifice performance, but I couldn't find one. So I gave up and used about $500 (all the money I saved to buy an Apple iPhone) to buy a Compaq Prestario F572US laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium pre-installed and gave my XP to my cousin.
But there was a problem. Because I couldn't find any good tutorials, I decided that I should help the world. That I should make my own package. But I had to dual-boot Vista and XP. My cousin needed my XP computer and couldn't give it back, and I couldn't afford a XP installation CD myself because I used all my allowance I saved to buy the laptop.
Anyway, I started to work. That's when I found some really good Vista-lizing and tweaking tutorials, the best being the one by CharredPC and one on DeviantArt by fediaFedia. As a result, I will put links to both of their sites.
CharredPC's Instructable
fediaFedia's tutorial

Step 1: Before We Begin

Unless you're living in a desert island for now, I'm sure you've heard of Windows Vista. When you look at the screenshots, this is what you might think: Man, it looks cool. But mark my words: Vista is 100% trash. It's a complete resource hog that's slower on a Core Duo than XP is on a Pentium IV, even with XP having half the RAM. This is the impression that everybody wants: a sleek, new operating system with glass and black toolbars and runs as fast as lightning, not like your blue and green Fisher Price-like ugly, aging machine. Neither Windows XP or Vista (but probably Windows 7, Microsoft's upcoming release) did this. Windows XP looked too childish, although it could run as fast as lightning on a 500 Mhz Pentium 3. Vista took a big step in visual effects (in my opinion, they did it too early), but that made your computer really slow. For that, people started making stuff to mimic Vista.
Worried? What you might think that this is a transformation pack. I've copied a few tutorials, including the tweaks by an IT geek called CharredPC, and a famous one from DeviantArt by fediaFedia to made the ultimate tutorial to tweak and customize your computer. Don't worry, this won't make total system failure. You're ready to upgrade your computer to Vista!
&nbsp;i recommend unsing VISTART for the start menu...really nice<br /><br />and also VISTAMIZER, a complete package to vistamize your xp, including the startup logo, etc...
Hey, loved the 'ible. Really wanted a fast Vista for a while now. But just wanted to note a minor grammar error, "... and a famous one from DeviantArt by fediaFedia to made the ultimate tutorial..." you might want to change "made" to "make," idk. Great job other than that little tiny error.
Please could you help me? I have done all you said, other than the uxtheme.dll patching technique. A few others have the same problem as me; the multi-patcher does not work. So I'm using a helpful tool called the replacer which replaces the uxtheme.dll with a new one, pretty much what the multipatcher does but more manual - it's hard to describe, this video showed me how. After replacing the uxtheme.dll and rebooting my computer, I right click the desktop and go to themes > aero, but instead of seeing aero, it looks like classic. Can you tell me what I have done wrong? Thank you very much.
Um, okay... Is this safe, and not going to screw up your computer completely?
Could you upload just the aero.theme file? Would it still work? With just that I mean? Could you add it to the instructable or maybe just send it to me, please? Thanks
Downloading now hope works : $
Windows XP Media Center Edition. Looks cool (no more FisherPrice!), and It runs super fast.
So you end up with a vista looking computer that runs as fast as XP? That's cool.
where can I download the thing call vista lizer. please send me the link.
You can do this at step 1. Just click on a link next to "The XXX Versions:" .
This is a good Instructable. It worked for me. :) I needed to go on an administrator account to add stuff, though, and in the start menu, the beginning of words in the right column are cut off, but other then that, it all worked fine. I needed to click on the "Aero" theme in the file to get it to work, it would say that files were missing, if I dragged it to %windir%Resources/Themes. Then, it opened the desktop properties, and it was fine.
Thanks LRMNmeyer. The words in the right side of the start menu are cut off because you are using large icons (48x48). To solve this problem, right-click your desktop, select Properties, then go to Appearance and click Effects. Uncheck "Use Large Icons" and click OK. Or on Appearance, select Aero48 (it's designed for people with 48x48 icons)
@Antonpup: What do you mean? @Superhero-Apri: Sorry, I'll update the Uxtheme Patcher as soon as I can. For now, just Google "Uxtheme Multi-Patcher 5.5". If the screensavers don't work, just follow these instructions: If the screensavers won't run and show an error, there's two possibilities. First, make sure you aren't using the default Microsoft driver for your video card. Download the latest nVidia, ATI, etc driver that supports OpenGL and D3D. Secondly, if your card is very old, it may not be capable. I've run into a few of those, but 95% of the machines I rebuild work fine with them, if a little slow on the 8MB cards.
will this only be on your file not your parents file?
Sorry everyone, I was offline for a while for some reason.
I have some problems, My "AERO" theme wouldn't install.... It says that it needs some files..... but i cant do anything about it..... I Installed the Ultimate Version... If anyone can help, please drop me a line at pupant@yandex.ru
How do I open the .dll file?
Run. Oops. Step 8 is a little vague... Think you can help?
And none of the screensavers appear to work...
Everybody in DeviantArt says that there isn't a virus in RainbarEn.exe but I'll contact fediaFedia and update this Instructable as soon as I can.
Just a note, to reply to somebody's comment, hit the orange REPLY button at the end of the other person's comment-- then it can show up in our orangeboards. Thanks!
Thanks! :-)
virus in RainbarEn.exe

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