Step 7: Watch and Tune

Picture of Watch and Tune

Now that everything is running, you can tune the maxAlerts variable to suit your environment so you are not always in the red.
You have now moved your IDS signatures off of the screen and in to the real world, hopefully improving your situational awareness. Also you got to play with Arduinos!

Thanks for looking!

nubzzz3 years ago
How do you think this would do running with Suricata instead of Snort?
sgleason13 years ago
Could you make an instuctable showing us how to do this with the xbee wifi protoshield. Personally I think that would be more helpful because then it could be placed anywhere within the networks range.
joe (author)  sgleason13 years ago
Hey SGleason1 - I would love to make one of these with an Xbee. It will have to wait until I buy one though!