Introduction: Visual Thinking and Curriculum Integration Activity

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The students will be constructing a tree shelter or home for animals that will challenge them to think about what types of animals might live there and why.  Furthermore, The activity will also build on the students fine motor skills and teacher them about the art elements that they will be working on during this activity.


·         Empty paper towel roll

·         Black and green construction paper

·         Scissors

·         Hot Glue

·         Tree bark

·         Tree twigs

·         Pencil

·         Tape

·         3x5 index card

·         Some old newspaper

Step 1: Step One:

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Take the paper towel roll and wrap it with a piece of black construction paper.

Step 2: Step Two:

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Then take the paper towel roll and flatten it and cut a small half circle out on one side.

Step 3: Step Three:

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Unflatten the paper towel roll to reveal a small hole in the middle of the roll.

Step 4: Step Four:

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Next re-flatten the roll and cut two slits in the bottom to create your stand.

Step 5: Step Five

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Next move to the top of the paper towel roll and poke 2-4 holes for branches

Step 6: Step Six:

Picture of Step Six:

Insert your tree twigs into the holes and secure them into place by stuffing the top of the paper towel roll with newspaper and covering with tape.

Step 7: Step Seven:

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Then, glue all of the tree bark you found to the paper towel roll remembering not to cover up the hole you made or the slits you made in the bottom.

Step 8: Step Eight

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Finally cut out some leaves to glue to the branches and insert the index card which you cut in half into the slits you made at the bottom of the roll.

Step 9: Lesson Plan and Rubric


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