An other rain sensor, it consists of the typical rain sensor with the line shaped PCB where the rain falls, a microphone per-amplifier, an amplifier, a VU meter and a power supply to drive all the above.

The idea is simple, lets say you have no access to weather conditions but you want to know if it is raining. Not only that, but you would like to be aware on how strong the rain is

You can watch a video here:


General idea

The rain sensor will become active at the presence of water drops. with the use of a relay then all other circuits will be powered.

Following, a microphone per-amplifier located under a reversed stainless steel bowl (acts like a bell), collects the sound of the rain drops. The amplifier multiply the signal from the per-amplifier and drive the VU meter where must be visible and most likely indoors, near you.

If it drizzle, some leds will light up but not all. If the rain is strong enough then all the leds will light up and with greater frequency. So, using this method one can have an idea on rain conditions.

This instructable is for one (1) set of pre-amp + amplifier + VU meter.


<p>Interesting project. Could you post a video with audio? I can not hear when it is raining and when it is not. </p>
this is a very cool project! what are the printable dimensions for your PCB's?
cool and neat job!....you live in rainy area.?..i live in Athens, Greece and ive made an analog rain meter associated by the weather station.....But it measures only mm of rain every time....
welcome agis68 :) <br>we live in the same country but i'm from Thessaloniki <br>The circuit you have made is quite interesting too. <br>The visual rain sensor have two purposes, the first one is to show in real time the rain's frequency and the other is the use of an analog command from the raley itself, say to activate a motor or something. <br>
Cool, do you have a test Video? <br>
i will post one soon

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