Once you're getting some values from sensors, for example using Arduino, (see my previous instructable), sometimes it's nice to see the sensor data in a graph. 

Here's how in only a few steps!

I made this particular Instructables using a sonar sensor (XL Max Sonar EZ/AE) but you can do it with any data values that are separated in arduino by a carriage return and a line break: 
To put it simply, the incoming sensor data should look like this in the Arduino Serial Monitor: 


Separated by a newLine.

I made it at TechShop. !

Step 1: Get CoolTerm

CoolTerm is a serial port terminal application. 

Download it at : http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/31352/coolterm.

Open CoolTerm.
<p>Is there is a way to do it real time(kind of Osilloscope) ?</p>
<p>Hello, I am Ruman. And nice to see such a nice tutorial. Good job. But I am curious about real time plot of those data. May be on MATLAB or any where. Could you tell me how can I plot those data from txt file to MATLAB in real time? </p>
I'm a bit confused, is cool term used only for visualizing the data? How is this different from seeing the info with the serial monitor from arduino? If you still have to copy paste the values and plot them in excel/matlab/plotting program....<br><br>Thanks

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