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HMI solution are always good option to interact with machines. which also makes projects interesting so here is an tutorial for controlling servo motor with the help of nextion slider.There are many Display options for adding graphical user interface to Arduino boards. Most of them however require considerable amount of memory, and processing time, and are not suitable for Arduino boards with limited memory, and processing power such as Arduino UNO or Arduino Nano. When the memory is limited, and an advanced user interface is needed, the Smart Programmable Serial Nextion Displays are a popular choice. The Itead offers a free Graphical Nextion Editor for designing the user interface of the display.

I would like to thanks again to Boian mitov for making things happen through his efforts to turn technologies simple.


Step 1: Components Required

Hardware needed:

  • Arduino uno ( or any other arduino microcontroller board)
  • Micro servo motor 9g
  • Nextion Serial Interface Smart Display(In my case nx3224t028_011)
  • Jumper wire
  • usb type A to B cable
  • breadboard
  • To program the display you will also need a 5V USB to TTL Serial Converter Module

Softwares needed( All latest versions)

  • Arduino IDE 1.6.8 or higher release
  • Nextion editor v0.43
  • Visuino
<p>Visuino can only be bought via Paypal. I don't want my personal datas spread on the web. I stopped using Paypal 10 years ago.</p>
You can contact bion mitov directly - on FB or best on Skype - bmitov or e-mail mitov@mitov.com
<p>Great job!</p><p>Thank you for posting yet another great tutorial on using Nextion Display with Visuino. There is a lot of interest in this type of tutorials.</p><p>Can't wait to see what you will come up with next... :-)</p>

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