Don't trash it, FIX IT!  If you are capable of taking the back off the TV you are capable of fixing it.  Check out the video description for where I sourced parts for the TV.
<p>i have a 55&quot; vizio m series tv but it turns on pic is good for 2 seconds and then a vertical pixel shift occurs and blurs screen, ive tried trouble shooting it and no luck can someone help me tell what to do</p>
Please help
Please help
My husband busted my Vizio 65 inch tv by putting his fist into it a month after getting it I really would love to get it fixed please help me find out how to do that
I have a 60 inch vizio smart tv thats 4 years old that has an anoying flicker. I have tried several things including dropping the back lighting to 0 and nothing works. I need help, Jim
<p>I have Vizio smart TV that I purchased just over 2 years ago. Today my screen has dark shadows along the sides and across the middle. It comes and goes so far. Vizio said it was a partial backlight fail and was repairable. They gave the a number to call to have a local tech come by. There are no local tech according to the girl at that number and she told me that the shadows meant it was the panel meaning I need a NEW TV. This one is not paid for yet. Does anyone know if this could be the backlight and how much it would cost to fix it? </p>
It sounds like the backlight yes but could also be the drivers that fire the back light. They should be reparable either way. Without the set in front of me there isn't much I can do. Start by google-ing the model number and &quot;backlight&quot;, see what comes up.
Any advice for repairing the dark spot at the top of this 70inch VIZIO M series edge lit led/lcd.
<p>Likely the LED back lighting has failed in that spot. You should be able to look up the parts and how to swap them if you search the specific model number. Well worth doing on a TV of that size in my opinion.</p>
<p>Won't you be my neighbor? You seem to know so much. My post is near the top. Frustrated.</p>
<p>Did you ever get this figured out? Geek Squad told me they'd have to replace the entire panel...</p>
<p>I don't fix other people's TV's, I just showed people how I fixed mine. Teach a man to fish you know? Check your model number on google and see if they have diagnostics for it. Likly a pannel swap is required.</p>
My son knocked over my Vizio TV. Now there are cracks in the upper corner of the screen, not the glass in the front but in the actual screen. Is this a costly repair or should i toss it &amp; buy a new TV? If it is not costly where would i purchase the correct part?
Have you gotten an answer to this ? I have the same problem with the same question and would love to know yhe answer if you have gotten one yet ? My name is Dawn B.
<p>No answer so I am going to guess my TV is a lost cause. </p>
My 65 inch bizio smart tv wont turn on...let me explain...it turns on and shows the vizio logo then just goes black...the screen is lit up and you can tell its on but nothing shows and then it turns off after some time because of inactivity i guess...anyone know what could be wrong with it?
I have a 65 inch vizio i getting rid of it has a cracked screen
<p>FYI...There are lots of Videos on YouTube for Vizio TV repair and I am sure you will most likely find a video there that will address this exact issue...I am repairing a Vizio 32inch that my daughter gave me that wouldn't power on this weekend....apparently Vizio TV's have the same issues across the models .......good luck...... <a href="https://www.youtube.com/user/Tampatec" rel="nofollow">https://www.youtube.com/user/Tampatec </a> was the best of them all in my opinion....good luck</p>
I need a screen replacement for vizio E241i-B1
<p>I have a 27&quot; Vizio LCD and after a power outage the &quot;Vizio&quot; light shows orange but won't power back on. Usually after an outage, we can reset it by unplugging from the outlet for about 5 minutes and it will power back on with the &quot;Vizio&quot; light blinking alternating between white and orange, then finally solid orange and we can power up with the remote. This tv has no power button on the unit itself.</p>
I have a vizio 62&quot; and only half the screen shows. How do i fix it?
<p>My Vizio 50&quot; TV fell forward while I was checking something in the back. It didn't affect the screen (no cracks or breaks), but the screen now has bands of lines running through it. (see images) Is this problem worth fixing or should I just get a new television? Any idea how much it would cost to fix if it is fixable? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!</p>
<p>Activate windows click here: <a href="http://www.acyberkey.com" rel="nofollow"> www.acyberkey.com</a></p><p>you can find the keys you want in a low price that you have never imagined.</p>
The electricity went or for about a second due to a storm. After i pushed the reset button on my serge protector and turned the tv back on there is a greenish brown tint to the color. How can i fix it?
The electricity went or for about a second due to a storm. After i pushed the reset button on my serge protector and turned the tv back on there is a greenish brown tint to the color. How can i fix it?
<p>My vizio TV goes black at random intervals for around 10 seconds. It just shows the vizio logo then switches back like its restarting or something. Have you ever heard of this and is there a way to fix it?</p>
My vizio 32 inch flat screen fell and has a hole in it can it be fixed
In the screen? No.
<p>my Vizio sound-audio stopped working. No idea why.</p><p>Any experience with this issue?</p><p>Thanks</p>
I have a 60in smart tv. The rabbit ears were connected as well (sat blackout due to bad weather). One of the rabbit ears antena touched <br>an electical socket, sparks flew, and the tv cut out. Lucky i didnt die. However, the tv no longers turns on. The electricity came through the antena and not the power cord. Can my tv fixed?????
This may help.....http://m.instructables.com/id/Replace-the-fuse-in-your-TV/
<p>my neighbor was tossing out a clean almost new visio Gallivia 50in.. i plugged in and it works, however a sound coming from back sound like a short in the electrical, and if you look at the blue screen it flickers a little bit so im guessing the sound is causing the flicker, any suggestions</p>
<p>I have a vizio 39&quot; (I think) tv that went all wonky on my Saturday night. Before I throw on a site to sell it for next to nothing, I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell if it is fixable.</p><p>The screen first had a rainbow of colors, and a sound coming out like a high pitched squeal. The remote wouldn't work, so I unplugged it. After letting it sit for a few minutes, I plugged it back in, only to watch gray bars fill the screen.</p><p>Two local shops want $40 to $45 just to look at it. The one shop said that it is probably the board, and that there isn't a replacement for it, so it is basically useless. </p><p>If anyone would know the issue and how to fix it, I would be in debt to you!</p>
<p>my Vizio 52 in picture has went orange. You can see some of the picture through the orange running all over the screen. It would come on after it warmed up but now it's not. Would this be a picture tube? </p>
I would bet you have caps failing in the power side. I have a Panasonic that is doing the same thing that I just ordered new caps for. If it works I will post how I did it.
Thanks so much. I'm hoping it's something we can fix. It's been an excellent tv.
<p>I have a VISIO VW42L that had been turning off on it's own for a while then wouldn't turn on. The standby (orange) light turned white then back off when turning the tv on. After researching, I replaced the bad capacitors on one of the inverter boards and now I have NOTHING. What did I most likely mess up? I was careful handling the board and soldering and have the polarities right. I double checked the remounting and connections. Any suggestions?</p>
My 47 in vizio smart TV been having contrast issues like lines on the screen but goes away also !? I think vizio might just be horribly expensive cheap..
My 32in vizio was on the floor of my dorm room, when I returned from class, now it does not work, it looks cracked on the insides can it be fixed
<p>We have a Vizio VW46L TV that has performed well until recently. Occasionally, when we turn it on the far right hand portion of the screen is blurred and darker then the remainder of the screen. After the TV warms up, varying time span, the blurred area goes away and the brightness returns. Happening more and more frequently. Is there a repair to resolve this problem and where do I find information? </p>
<p> I have to same VW46L Walmart special model as well. If I shake or bang it (technical tap) :), it will go back to normal for some time and then return. Since the tapping temporarly fixed it I figured it was a connector or ribbon cable with a high resistance or loose connection. I took the TV apart, checked and cleaned and reset all connectors, I checked for bulging or leaking capacitors, inspected all PCB's for obvious damage or burned traces. Everything looked fine, turned it on and still had the problem. </p><p>It's weird because tapping still fixes it. I wouldn't thing a bad IC or component would respond to tapping like that unless its a cold or bad solder joint. I have a hard time seeing a solder joint going bad after several years of working, either they work or they don't. Its not like a TV is subject to vibration or shock to cause a solder joint to fail, the TV has never been moved. </p><p>It has to be something simple, any ideas from anyone?</p>
I have a vizio 47 3d smart tv. You aren't alone. Mine does the same thing and that &quot;technical tap&quot; also fixes mine. I've also had contrast issues and 3 days ago my ir quit working. I agree that Vizio is a horrible company and sells crap. I'll let you know what it costs me to repair. Hope it's not too much I'd like to eat next month.
<p>I gave up and just bought a Samsung 55&quot; smart TV. Love the internet connectivity. With the Vizio, I replaced the video controller/main board but no dice. I think the problem lie in where the ribbon cable connects to the LCD screen. I consider myself pretty good with anything technical considering I've been an Industrial Electrician for the last 25yrs. This one got me though. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.</p>
<p>my vizio just went black yesterday and will not come back on? can it be repaired?</p>
<p>Where can I get the information to get part that I need to fix my Vizio?</p>
<p>That was quite useful, it gives me cause to think that my brother may be able to fix my 42&quot; Vizio. It has sound just the picture went out on it. </p>
<p>My Vizio E291-A1 fell over and the connection for the cable fell off. Is it possible to fix it or do I need to buy another one. There are only 2 screws in the back and I can not figure out how to open the cover.</p>
Dropped my tv nd only the left side looks that. Its a 32 inch vizio tv how much would it be to fix it
<p>I broke off the cable connector for my Vizio Model E260MV. This is a last ditch effort before I toss it out and go buy another one. I need to know where to source the part, and then how to take off the back and how to fix it. If you please.</p>

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