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Introduction: Vizio Flat Screen Repair

Don't trash it, FIX IT!  If you are capable of taking the back off the TV you are capable of fixing it.  Check out the video description for where I sourced parts for the TV.

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I am tinkering with a VIZO E550i-AO. I replaced power supply and LEDs and now it gets lit up, but,(oops) I damaged the flat flexible ribbon strip on the screen. it is not ripped, but it is detached from the PCB. Now I get vertical lines on one side ( the other pcb from the damage,) and on the area where the detached ribbon is, no signal. I am willing to take the time, how do i reattach the ribbon strip? and the vertical lines? Thanx

how to repair picture frozen will not change vizio tv 1080 p

My Vizo flat screen 50 inch went black no sound no picture. What can I do to try and repair it myself?

Hi shelleyl-i have Vizio 50 inch tv (broken screen) for parts

hi shelley-i have vizio 50 inch tv (broken screen)for parts

Does anybody have the service manual for the E70-C3? Also, any lines on where to get the screen so that it can be replaced?

I have a 70 inch E701i-A3E the screen is blue i have sound but no objects can someone help

I have an E50-C1 and there is a lot of green waves on the black/dark parts of the picture. I have tried to adjust the color and it will not go away. All the other colors are fine, it's just where the picture is black. any help for this??

we have a 47 inch smart led vizio flat screen. a couple of nights ago the power bar was blinking from orange to white repeatedly. we u tubed power reset and are able to keep it from blinking. flatscreen no now shows logo and will hold logo. thats it

Same with my vizio 70 E series. Blacks our and restarts intermittently. I call Vizio and they act like its news to them. Go on ebay and you can buy the 3 boards for these tvs under $30. Really you probably only need to replace the Power Board and possibly the Mother Board. $10 each if you catch a deal. I called to find out which board it is and the "tech support" acts like they never heard of this before. Losers. Typical. Anyway, $30 and that is your best cure. Just make sure you are buying parts that are New or Tested. And look at the feedback of the seller. It should be at least 99 on several hundred transactions or keep looking. Peace Yall and these sets are easy to fix. Once the back is off, its 5 min to replace all 3 boards. Videos on youtube too