video Vizio Flat Screen Repair
Don't trash it, FIX IT!  If you are capable of taking the back off the TV you are capable of fixing it.  Check out the video description for where I sourced parts for the TV.
mishame1 month ago

I have a vizio, but im not sure what model. Whenever i go to watch tv these black thick lines appear on the left and right side if the tv, and just recently it started to show a dark horizontal shade through the middle of my tv. Is there any way to fix it?

We have the same problem. Have you figured out how to fix it?

any tricks to getting the back off ? I have all of the screws out of an E420VL but for some reason its sticking on the side where the inputs are

it almost looks like it is being held it by the coax input, but i don't see a way to remove it and dont want to break anything


NelsonStudios (author)  patrick.craney3 months ago

Sometimes they hide screws under the stickers, sort of an anti-tamper thing. Run your fingers real hard over all the stickers to see if they cover a hollow spot.


Great video. I have a E470VL, plug it in and the vizio light blinks orange and thats it, nothing else happens. I unplug it and about 15 to 20 seconds later the vizio light blinks orange again ! Any suggestions ?



mackie45 months ago

When I turn on the tv, the video picture is washed out but threre is a video picture threre and after a few min the video gets stronger and with a good contrasted pix. After about 5 min you have a fine picture and continues on fine. Next time you turn on the same thing happens.