video Vizio Flat Screen Repair
Don't trash it, FIX IT!  If you are capable of taking the back off the TV you are capable of fixing it.  Check out the video description for where I sourced parts for the TV.
when they go to turn my TV on I have to try at least 4 to 5 times for clicks on what could be the problem thank you
when I go to turn my TV on it takes at least four to five tries before it will click on what could be the problem thank you
I have to push in the button 3 or 4 times before the TV will turn on
Sansouci7 days ago

how much to repair a E320-A0 IR sensor board? I wasn't able to take off back panel. Tv will not respond to remotes but works fine.

My Vizio E371vl completely shut off while watching last night, no lights on the logo, no sounds, nada. For the past 3 months the station ' guide' information might 'Greene's onthe screen, and none of the remote buttons would work, nor the buttons on the tv, except to shut it off. ?? Any ideas?
Dadgumit , that should have said 'freeze' not Greene's . Dadgum word suggestors..
NelsonStudios (author)  grumpy 19469 days ago
I would start with a search of the symptoms. Maybe someone out there has already found a solution.
' Sorry, that should have said 'Greene's not Greene.
jonboy3711 days ago

I have a 5 year old Vizio XVT553sv and the red color seems to be having a problem. If I turn red gain down to 0, the picture sharpens right up (without red, of course). With the gain up, the picture appears way too red and distorted. When the gain is up and the picture has just a little red in it everything is fine. Soon as the red ramps the problem appears. I'm fine with board level replacements. Any ideas as to which board is responsible (if it is a board) would be appreciated. Thanks.

Oh, here is a video of the screen with lots of red. Also, note the bullseye pattern in the lower left:

Ebarbee0621 days ago
Hello! I just purchased a Vizio 60" 1080p this week. As I was removing it from the box I accidentally pressed on the screen causing it to become slightly detached from the frame. This causes extra light to be seen between the frame and the screen. When looking at it closely it seems like it should snap back into place but since the screen was pressed inward I cann get it in the right spot. Any ideas? I don't want to return it and that sliver of extra light is bothersome. Any advice? Thanks!

this is tricky.. but you're gonna need to take the back of the TV off and press the LCD screen from the other side. It's not that hard and there are plenty of videos online to show how to do this.

do you know where I can find a video how to do this ??

NelsonStudios (author)  Ebarbee0621 days ago
If you don't want to risk it some black electrical tape right along the seam would stop the light and be all but invisible on the side of the tv.
ShekarB13 days ago

My Vizio M501d-A2R has broken screen & lcd although picture is still okay on remaining undamaged part. Any suggestions on if it can be repaired at a reasonable cost appreciated.

mackie46 months ago

When I turn on the tv, the video picture is washed out but threre is a video picture threre and after a few min the video gets stronger and with a good contrasted pix. After about 5 min you have a fine picture and continues on fine. Next time you turn on the same thing happens.

sounds like the CFL backlights might be a problem... might need a new backlight... Let me ask you something, is this an LED LCD TV or just a regular LCD tv?

I fell asleep with Tv on (i know not good for the) when i woke up now i turn it on screen stays black and no sound ive checked every cord and i have tried everything I have had it 8 yrs no problems so im lucky the Vizio logo turns orange and yhen lights up still no sound screen black

same happened to me. The issue was the power board... you can either get a replacement for this or replace the capacitors on the board. I replaced the capacitors, you need to open the back of the TV and see if there are only capacitors that look swollen.


My Vizio TV has a dark spot in the corner. None of my kids know where that spot came from. I have a sneaking suspicion that a magnet got near it. Is there any hope in correcting the screen display?

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Magnets don't impact LCD screens like that only CRT screens (those old Tube TVs or computer monitors we all use to own). We might be able to help you diagnose the issue if you can take a photo of the screen. I had a dark spot before and it was due to burn-in. Most newer tvs in the past couple years or so are less susceptible to this. but if you leave your TV on too long (especially without a moving image the image may create a shadow or some type of burn-in effect. Alternatively, if you have a TV that is backlit with CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lighting) and not LED it could be that a portion of the backlight is out.


Great video. I have a E470VL, plug it in and the vizio light blinks orange and thats it, nothing else happens. I unplug it and about 15 to 20 seconds later the vizio light blinks orange again ! Any suggestions ?



It could either be a main board or power board issue. Give a call to see if they can help you.

mishame3 months ago

I have a vizio, but im not sure what model. Whenever i go to watch tv these black thick lines appear on the left and right side if the tv, and just recently it started to show a dark horizontal shade through the middle of my tv. Is there any way to fix it?

AndyZ2 mishame1 month ago

Sounds like it could be a panel issue.

We have the same problem. Have you figured out how to fix it?

any tricks to getting the back off ? I have all of the screws out of an E420VL but for some reason its sticking on the side where the inputs are

it almost looks like it is being held it by the coax input, but i don't see a way to remove it and dont want to break anything


NelsonStudios (author)  patrick.craney4 months ago

Sometimes they hide screws under the stickers, sort of an anti-tamper thing. Run your fingers real hard over all the stickers to see if they cover a hollow spot.