Reuse a Grey Goose 1.5 l making a table lamp!

Step 1: Bottom Cutting

using a glass-cutter and several hot/cold cycles remove the bottom

Step 2: Carving the Support

In a square and sanded piece of wood, carve a 6mm width circle. The diameter must be the same of the bottle's

Step 3: Holes and Wires

Two holes in two faces of the base will let pass the electric wire through the wood.

Step 4: Finishing

Add a switch and a bulb holder, fix the bulb-holder to the base using epoxy glue. Place the bottle in is place and ligh on!

Step 5: Process Details Soon

Sorry for the poor description and the few photos showing the entire process, unfortunatly theese were tge only i had on my mobile. I will soon take and upload more pictures.
<p>This looks great! What a wonderful reuse of old bottles!</p>
Thanks! ;) <br>on my etsy shop u can find other handmade stuff that i will soon put on Instructable too. Visits are always welcome!<br><br>https://www.etsy.com/it/shop/GarageLamp

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