Vodka Bottle Lamp





Introduction: Vodka Bottle Lamp

About: Hi, I'm actually an IT consultant but love engineering. I love to try, do DIY stuff which are cost effective and solve my purposes.

You just need a spare empty VODKA bottle and one 1W or more LED lamp



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    This is more like a 1st step only than an instructable. would be nice if you actually explained how to make it - that is the "instruct" part of instructable :-)

    But it looks pretty and I guess its a bit of a throwback to the bottles with candlelights stuck in them.

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    now I've uploaded the screenshot of the bulb too

    there is nothing inside the bottle, a high power 1W LED bulb doing the work. If you want to understand it, put you mobile flash LED or a single LED torch mouth to mouth, you can figure out easily what i did :)

    I just put high power LED bulb (chinese one) on to the top of VODKA bottle, put glue to make it stable if you want :)

    Do you think you can explain how you got the led light into the bottle if it's a little bigger then the top of the bottle?