Vodka Bottle Embeded in Ice





Introduction: Vodka Bottle Embeded in Ice

don't like warm vodka - embed the entire bottle in ice - use an empty coke/etc. bottle place the vodka bottle inside, fill with water, tape up and freeze - will definatelly keep the bottle cold before you finish it at the party



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    or you could do what my friend does, take a good long tube made from clear plastic that is flexible, put a hole the size of the tube in the bottom of the bottle, coil it around the inside of the bottle a couple times, poke a hole in the lid of the bottle, insert the tube making sure it is all downhill, fill it with distilled water so that the ice will be clear, freeze it slowly, then at the party take it out. then when you wanna have cold liquor, put your glass on the bottom, pour your booze in the top and it will be ice cold coming out! you can also buy rigid plastic tubes and boil them so they are soft, then wrap them around an object slightly smaller than the bottle. then you have a permanent rig!

    cool, but... im not of legal age to drink yet, so if i so this in the next few years its probably fr one of my parents or for a friend or something, very nice though! -gamer

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    So freeze a 2L of coke in an empty 3L of coke :) It doesn't have to be vodka, or even (I suspect) a glass bottle, but you do run the risk of your coke freezing inside. Only-just-below-0° conditions would be good for that and give a great clear finish to the outside ice.

    Great idea! Just make sure the 2L bottle is empty as well and then pour the coke in when it's done, or you will have an unpleasant suprise when you open it ;)

    you know what would suck? the bottle imploding. or worse yet, just a small peice of the bottom comes out, but you don't know it until you swallow it. poll: who won't do this just because I said that?

    You could use an empty bottle to make a mold and make them to have on hand. just have 2 or 3 in the freezer before a party

    In the time it took to take off all of that tape, a German tourist at the airport could've polished off the bottle

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    LOL :) To tell you the truth I didn't have any other tape- just this fiberglass reinforced stuff, therefore it was a pain to get to the bottle. - Also here in Poland most of us have the small freezers where you have to put the bottle on the side - you don't have that problem with the huge USA side-by-side refrigerators, where you don't have to use any tape att all and just stand the entire contraption in the freezer. P.s. if you use boiled water, you will get a much more translucent ice, therefore the effect is even better.

    it doesn't look as cool as just in the ice presentation is also important, otherwise you could just put the vodka in a really cold freezer and then just pour it over into a thermos bottle.

    one of the better vodkas considering the price. As for the LED's, cool idea, will have to try that along with the bottle - the effect should be stunning.

    Very nice presentation!

    Of course, if the only purpose is to keep your vodka cold, just putting the the vodka bottle in the freezer without the ice layer will work too...

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    I think the idea is to have the presence of ice to cool by latent heat of melting, but without diluting the precious vodka. Putting just the vodka in the freezer gives you cold vodka, but doing this gives you cold vodka encased in ice that will keep it cold for longer.