Voice Activated LED Lighting with Arduino

Picture of Voice Activated LED Lighting with Arduino

This project is an extension to the Speech Recognition with Arduino by leandro4b (…). However, instead of using 3 separate colored LEDs, I used a multicolor 4-channel RGBW LED Emitter. I had the opportunity of working at LED Engin last summer, which is why I was able to use the high power 4-die RGBW emitter ( LZ4-20MD00) for my project. You can purchase their RGBW emitter from Mouser here. I also got a lens that is paired with the emitter. This allows the colors to blend better, but it is optional for this project

The idea is simple: I want a voice activated LED program that allow me to change the color by modifying the amount of red, green, blue and/or white LED in the emitter. In addition to that, I wanted some preset functions where I can tell the light to "wake up", "go sleep" or display the colors of the rainbow in order.

How this works: BitVoicer (voice recognition program) takes in a voice input, recognizes it and transfer that into a string. Every time it calls that particular string, the Arduino program will tell the LED what to do.

For this project, I used:

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I would love to see this as a self contained unit without the microphone passing through the laptop. I would love to have a setup like this for my car lights and stereo. Keep up the good work
craftclarity2 months ago

"Lights. ON."
I like it.