Picture of Voice Activated LED Lighting with Arduino

This project is an extension to the Speech Recognition with Arduino by leandro4b (…). However, instead of using 3 separate colored LEDs, I used a multicolor 4-channel RGBW LED Emitter. I had the opportunity of working at LED Engin last summer, which is why I was able to use the high power 4-die RGBW emitter ( LZ4-20MD00) for my project. You can purchase their RGBW emitter from Mouser here. I also got a lens that is paired with the emitter. This allows the colors to blend better, but it is optional for this project

The idea is simple: I want a voice activated LED program that allow me to change the color by modifying the amount of red, green, blue and/or white LED in the emitter. In addition to that, I wanted some preset functions where I can tell the light to "wake up", "go sleep" or display the colors of the rainbow in order.

How this works: BitVoicer (voice recognition program) takes in a voice input, recognizes it and transfer that into a string. Every time it calls that particular string, the Arduino program will tell the LED what to do.

For this project, I used:

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I would love to see this as a self contained unit without the microphone passing through the laptop. I would love to have a setup like this for my car lights and stereo. Keep up the good work
craftclarity10 months ago

"Lights. ON."
I like it.