Firmly say "Time" and this bird will count the hours by bobbing forward and the minutes (in multiples of five) by bobbing backward.  He does a little "wobble" between hours and minutes so that you will know, "the times, they are a changing."


Step 1:

An Arduino "listens" for sounds and operates a servo motor to display the time.

Major materials needed:

Arduino    Radio Shack
small servo motor     amazon.com
drinking bird     amazon.com
acrylic butter dish     homeandwine.com
breadboard     jameco.com
2n2222a      jameco.com 
2 microfarad capacitor     jameco.com
9 volt dc power supply     jameco.com
microphone    jameco.com
schematics? please.
Step 3, the first image is the schematic. Try clicking on the small "i" in the upper left corner of the drawing, then you can choose the large size and see it more clearly.
Sorry, I begin to see it in the 10th step because I came from a search. Sorry me and thanks you to quick reply. Good job

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