I made this instructable to tell about my voice command control arduino truck. I took an old remote control wireless truck that I had lying around and with the help of an arduino uno gave it voice command. Once I wired everything up I had to jam it back into the casing of the truck. To give the voice commands I used a wireless microphone. All I have to do is turn on the microphone and truck and give it a command. I need to find a new microphone because I used a really cheap one and it is terrible quality which sometimes causes it to not work. Soon when I get the time I will post an instructable on how to make it. It really is pretty cool.

I programmed it to do these when I say a key word
Left- turns left at a 45 degree angle
Right- turns right at a 45 degree angle
1-10- when I say a number one through ten it controls the speed with 1 being the lowest
Back- goes in reverse at the desired speed
Stop- it stops
Spin- goes in 3 large circles before stopping
Spam- goes in a crazy track of loops, stopping, turns, and reversing for 30 seconds

I plan on adding more controls.
<p>where you able to complete the project? I'm currently working on something similar and looking for ideas. </p>
Where is the electrical circuit design???
I dont have one yet. I am still working on the instructable
Any instructions and parts list would be useful. <br>thanks
Sorry I will post how to make it soon

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