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Introduction: Voice Controlled Mushroom

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This project is a mix of 3D printing and Arduino.

I hereby call this the Andromeda Kinoko

Step 1: Thingiverse

Start by going to thingiverse, here is my file, http://www.thingiverse.com/make:196257

Credit goes to Toshio Fuji for the kinoko design!!

Decide what colors you want your kinoko's, I chose to use my photo-chromatic PLA because I utilized UV led bulbs in the design.

Step 2: Breadboard

While your printer is working, all day, start making your breadboard.

Above is mine though I want to redo it and ensure all connectors are going into PWM outputs so that I can do more LED tricks like making them breathe.

I am using:

Arduino Uno

HC-05 bluetooth

USB to power at first

5 UV led bulbs

200 ohm resistor

Step 3: Portable

If able, utilize a 9v battery or 4 AA batteries to power your light around the house!

USB is only 5v, it is best to send 12v into arduino (so I am told)

Step 4: Bring It Together

Wire up your light and turn on your computer,..lets code!

I utilized a fellow Instructable member: ASCAS (thank you sir)

attached is the sketch to voice control your new kinoko (Japanese for mushroom) lamp!

The app I use to control the lamp is AMR_Voice easily found on app searches!

Have fun, let me know if you write some fun code for your kinoko!

Step 5: Make It Officaial

For not much money I was able to get a perf. board and make my first PCB. Just like making a breadboard but you get to learn how to solder and make jumpers!



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    hmmmmm, awww. I love science projects but science was never my field. I wish there was an easier form of science without complicated formulas I hardly understand. it doesn't stop me from giving all the beautiful science projects a big love and vote. woulda given more if there was a way.

    1 reply

    Instructables.com is the new "science", just need to follow the instructions....then sit back and ponder the science.

    Arduino en büyük mühendis oldu.ustalık öldü.

    Arduino en büyük mühendis oldu.ustalık öldü.

    when i see the word portable, my brain screams hat!! i would love to see mushroom growing out of a fedora, perhaps change color according to heartbeat!!

    1 reply

    it can happen easily with arduino

    I know mushrooms that can control my voice...

    1 reply

    Leave them alone lol :) :)

    Looks awesome, but I am a little confused. Can you switch the Kinoko Lamp on/off with your voice or can you also control the brightness as well?

    1 reply

    Should also say the reason I want to wire the lights into the PWM slots is so that I can pulse the lights, as I understand only those spots can you adjust voltage....I may be wrong but you can pulse!

    The code right now allows for turning all on all off and individually.
    I am currently working on code to pulse the lights and one that will have them do math and display the answer with blinks!

    1 reply

    Well this I gotta try. The voice control sounds cool. Thanks!

    1 reply

    it is amazing what you can do nowadays

    Perfect :


    Thank you for providing all of this information. I have been tempted by many LED projects yet daunted because of my total lack of knowledge: now I might just try one!

    1 reply

    That means the world to me thanks, I am teaching myself these sciences and am driven to share. Have fun and thanks again!