I recently received an android Accessory Development Kit (ADK) and, coincidentally, also just received my iRobot create.  So, I decided to put the two together to get a voice-controlled robot using the Android APIs as an easy way to perform the speech to text function.  The result is fun to play with, and a great introduction to the ADK and the iRobot Open Interface!

Step 1: Materials List

iRobot Create
Android Accessory Development Kit (or arduino with USB Host shield)
Android phone compatible with the ADK (I'm using the Nexus S)
USB micro B to A cable
Working installation of the Arduino development environment
Working Android development environment
25pin male connector (DB25)
size M power plug connector
Hookup wire, 22 gauge
LM7812 voltage regulator
.1uF capacitor
.33uF capacitor
PTC (optional)
solderless breadboard
soldering iron

<p>Don't you mean 10, 11 and 12 for switched VPWR?</p><a rel="nofollow"> <br></a><p></p>
<p>Yes, fixed. Thanks!</p>
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Oh, <em>please</em> can we have a video of it in action?
That was originally the plan, but it turns out my recording setup wasn't working too well with youtube. I'll try to get a video up in the next few days.

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