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Introduction: If You Build It They Will Come

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    What is it

    Went out and found this cache over the weekend. It is really cool and I only had to say the code word twice with my Texas accent to get it to open. This is my new favorite cache.

    epic job i love geocaching

    well done , looks like fun. also how long does the battery last?

    have you considered a hand crank generator like on a emergency radio as long as your 3 volt back up battery is good?

    anyway, im impressed and will be one of my favs.

    intially when we were dreaming it up we had thought about that then somewhere along the way we forgot about it. But were gonna go out and try and make some improvements before the summer rush so thats a good idea. Our next one is gonna be moris code activated so that might help there too

    Try a rechargable battery and a solar panel?

    we thought of that but because we are trying to hide it and we couldnt think of a way to get a solar panel in place whre it didnt disturb the area or where it could be easily stolen. But if you are making one on your own property or where it could be hidden and still get sunlight that would be great

    what is the battery life ?

    We arnt exactly sure as we have only been testing it in the field for a week or so. it has 2 batteries the coin and the 9vlt. We expect the coin to work for awhile as it is used to keep the memory working. As far as the 9vlt which runs the majority of the circut is only used for the few seconds it takes to open the cache. We used one 9vlt for the month we were building and testing and it never went below 8vlts which is whats needed to lift the solenoid high enough to release the cache. I will post more about it as we learn more as well as some of the other problems we have on the field. It has been raining and snowing here so I guesse soon we will know if the electronics tube is realy as air tight as hope. Then all we have left to know is how it reacts in the hot texas summer.---- thanks for the post--- jorgia