This Instructable explains how to build a voice-based Battleship game for Arduino. Arduino's moves are determined by an AI that approximates all possible ship positions. Thanks to the MOVI speech recognition board, no Internet or WiFi is required and it all fits neatly onto an Arduino UNO, powered by a 9V battery. No more buttons, no more fiddling with small game figures that get lost... See the video above for the result!

The voice control can be configured to other commands than the ones shown in the video above. MOVI also supports other languages, like Spanish and German. For more information on MOVI, check out their page.

This Instructable assumes basic familiarity with Arduino and electronic projects. Please check out the Arduino and the MOVI Instructable first, if you need to get familiar with these types of projects. Otherwise, let's go!

Step 1: Ingredients

To build the Battleship game you need:

  • An Arduino-compatible board, we used an Arduino Uno. An Arduino Due, Intel Edison, MicroChip WF32 or another compatible board has more memory and a faster CPU. This will improve the performance of the AI.
  • MOVI Speech Recognizer and Synthesizer shield for Arduino.
  • A loudspeaker that plugs into a headphone jack. Or for better speech recognition performance: A headset with a microphone.
  • A power supply, e.g. 12V 500mA or 4 AA alkaline batteries (rechargeables: use 5). We use a 9V battery here just to show it's possible.
  • Good old pen and paper to draw the ships. Optional: We use Wikipedia's template.
  • Optional: A laptop that can read and write SD cards. This allows to update MOVI's firmware to play game music (as shown in the video).

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