Step 5: Next steps, new features, and thoughts

Picture of Next steps, new features, and thoughts
To start with, the code runs at 100% CPU usage, which is unacceptable.  I need to find a way to cut down on that, and still have the thing function.  Not sure how I'm going to do that, to be honest.

Next, of course, would be to put this into some sort of permanent home, and not just have wires lying on my desk.

The code currently has no functionality to cancel the call. Once you start dialing, you need to finish the process.  That needs to be added to the code.

I'd like to use a bigger keypad, more like this one.  The added buttons would make it easier to use--Press A to start dialing, and B to place the call. That kind of thing.  Also, it's a straight 4x4 matrix, and comes with the 8 header pins already in place.  A much better solution, but it cost more than the two keypads I got combined.

I'd like to explore other features of Google Voice.  Perhaps hookup a speaker to the audio out of the Raspberry Pi, and play back voicemail. Or check for incoming SMS messages (outgoing would be tough on this small keypad, but then again, it wouldn't be impossible).

There's a ton of features that can be implemented.  The fun has just begun!
Ceralor2 years ago
This project is pretty awesome! I've been pondering a dialpad built into my Vonage box, but it's pretty limited. This project seems like a pretty awesome way to also build a SIP phone of sorts potentially with a speaker and all, a cheap-as-hell SIP phone. Nice job!

The only thing I could think of that'd also be cool is being able to use your Magic Jack with Linux on the Pi, but I highly doubt the project's built in any sort of Mono-compatible language you could run it under. Still a neat idea, too bad WINE isn't ARM-compatible!
mrmath (author)  Ceralor2 years ago
I use the "you don't need a computer" version of Magic Jack, so it doesn't even plug into my WIndows computer (they don't make a Linux version, btw).

I've thought about the SIP phone solution, and that's where I really would like to go. USB Headset and what not. I tried getting some stuff setup, but couldn't get it working so I settled on this.

I could include listening to voicemail via a speaker, I think. The pygooglevoice code allows for downloading voicemail as MP3s, so it shouldn't be that hard.