Picture of Volcano Picnic Plate
Eat, Drink and be Merry with this all in one food and drink assist system.  Everyone loves outdoor finger foods but with one hand holding a plate, and another holding a drink, there are no fingers available to actually get food to your mouth.

The worst things about outdoor eating...not enough hands.
Outdoor eating by nature is a mobile event.  As you move about, circulating amongst the guests (or fellow campers), it can be difficult keeping track of where you left your burger and Kool-aid.

It sure would be nice to keep both the vittles & venom in a single hand.

Make a Volcano Picnic Plate that combines food and drink into a single convinent carrying module.
It truly is, a "Handy" way to carry all your refreshments; wet & dry, while leaving a hand free for eating.  No need for a table.  This set-up keeps all your food mobile, so you can actually eat on the go, as you wander about.

Use it with conventional glass bottles for a quick empty "cartridge" replacement. Or use a wide mouth refillable drink container; very practical for camping. 

Camping Aid
In addition to outdoor entertaining, there are various adapations that make this system a versatile outdoor camping essential.
A dedicated wide bottom container (like a sports drink bottle or a traditional campers water bottle) creates a pedestal to keep a plate full of food up-off the ground.
This is especially useful when camping with our Boy Scout troop in the back woods; where picnic tables tend to be rather scarce. 

This is an easy to make project that is a great extra hand at camp.
You can eat while standing, when tables are scarce, and yet, set your food down, up off the ground, to tend to the fire.
This Instructable is entered in the Summer Camping Contest.  If you like it, be sure to vote. Thanks.
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Gregarious2 months ago
Very impressed with the concept and execution. This deserves to be made commercially.
Pop over to www.qwirky.com and I bet they would love the volcano plate.
I look forward to hearing that it made you a million on QVC.
SparkySolar4 months ago


cynocraft5 months ago

clever and clear instructable.

patatarium1 year ago
Where find the plate?
patatarium1 year ago
Y may try this
ccronkhite1 year ago
Amazingly simple and incredibly useful!
rokclmb2 years ago
That's an awesome idea!
WorkingGunn2 years ago
very clever and clear instructable.
Solskinner3 years ago
Wow, I love this! This is soooo cool.
Outstanding. Should have won first place in the contest. Boo judges! Love you bottle stove as well. Keep em coming matey.
ilpug3 years ago
I like it, but i would use a longer straw so i dont have to put my face in my food for a sip.
Anna Boone4 years ago
This has to be one of the most useful ideas I've seen in a long time. I could see having these for parties as there is never enough room to set your drink down and plate of food.
Puzzledd4 years ago
Very clever idea, and thorough instructions- good one!!
triumphman4 years ago
Just had a thought- Could I use a super large frizbee for the plate ? Yea! I'm getting one ASAP and making me one! Awesome Dude! You saved my picnic bacon!
Treknology4 years ago
Nice little project, and far more effective than spontaneously evolving into something with three hands that is entirely unable to drink coffee.
oilitright4 years ago
I have a hunch that sometime in the future we'll be seeing an infomercial hawking this on television at 3AM in the morning.
joyewils4 years ago
I just love this instructable. So, so clever. Can't wait to try it out.
Barbrykost4 years ago
This is just brilliant. I am awestruck. Parties don't have to limited to table seating anymore.
vbanaszak4 years ago
Very cool! This is brilliant!
palombo50504 years ago
Very clever idea. You have my vote. I was going to enter something, but not now. Easy to make, inexpensive, inovative, practical, reusable (Green), and I'm sure there are other words to describe this. Good Luck and hope you win.
Spokehedz4 years ago
I love it. I love everything about it, and I love your entire write up of the process. Everything about this is positive, there isn't one single negative that I can think of.

Dorion4 years ago
I like this a lot. It IS something I've seen commercially available, but I'd always prefer to make/repurpose things myself. I like this idea for customizing the plates to fit my favorite reusable water bottles.
matthewabel4 years ago
This is terrific and fairly simple to make - I think I've found this year's Christmas gifts!
Use a longer straw unless you want your face in the potato salad!
bertus52x114 years ago
You've got my vote. Nice one!
But, shoving your face into a red hot burger while trying to grab the straw with your teeth could be painful.
This would obviously only happen after a few beers though!!
And you'd only do it once.
facklere4 years ago
I can hear it now...
Hi! Anthony Sullivan here for the Volcano Plate. The only plate that manages all of your outdoor eating essentials, with one hand!
But wait! if you buy now, we'll send you a free set of sporfs, the all in one spoon-knife-fork utensil!
so simple, yet so smart. patent it before someone else does!
rimar20004 years ago
Very good idea!
inel4 years ago
love it, now i want one, well done
canida4 years ago
This is absolutely brilliant!
eskimojo canida4 years ago
Seriously, this could be your million dollar idea. The best inventions are the types that make people slap their forehead and go "Why didn't I think of that!".
sakkidra4 years ago
Very Cool! You got my vote!
chemistmcg4 years ago
you should apply for a patent on this idea before someone else does.
you get the innovator of the year award. and you put it on instructables.
-APPLAUSE and other forms of cheering!-
Calltaker4 years ago
I know what I'm doing when I get home :) Awesome idea and great execution!!
brilliant, as always
Brilliant!!!!!!! Stellar! 10/10 I clicked on "Best Ever!"
This is a fantastic idea! I'll be looking into making plates like that for picnics.
Thanks for the inspiration!

Also: bonus points for the very cool title ;-)
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