Introduction: Voldemort's Wand

Picture of Voldemort's Wand

Follow these instructions to make your very own... Dark Lord wand.

Step 1: Items

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You will need:
- Polymer clay
- Sculpting tools
- Microwave oven
- Hot glue gun
- X-acto knife
- Chopsticks
- White paper
- Assorted paints

Step 2: Base

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Start off by gluing the paper on the chopstick and rolling the chopstick to make a very thin funnel shape. It should be about 5-6 inches long.

Step 3: Sculpting

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Sculpt the handle on the wand. This will take some time so don't rush, use some pictures as reference if needed. When finished test fit it on the base. I baked mine for about 30mins at 270.

Step 4: Locking Mechanism

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I cut a peice of wire from a coat hanger that I then glued to hold the handle and chopstick together to make the wand. *I did this after painting both of them*

Step 5: Paint

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Give the wand parts 2 coats of white and then touch up with brown and black. I waited about 15 minutes between each coat. I glued them together after they were dry.

Step 6: Stand

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This is a simple stand that was composed of 3 peice of cardboard.

Step 7: Finished Wand

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Taa Daa! You are now a Dark Lord! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.


I make mine into a dip pen by making the girth(7/8" in girth) much larger to tolerate a 1/4" diamond bit. I made this part out of ceramic with a metal rod inserted to strengthen the wand part. Instead of using ceramic for the top part, i used lightweight silicon putty called sguru so that i could stick it on the other end. if you make this, make sure that you account for everything or you will have wasted about $5.50 - $12

making it out of ceramic makes it have a good heavy feeling in the hand

destany.morgan.7 (author)2014-12-09

this is amazing!

bathsheba_everdene (author)2014-11-23

Great project! I would probably use a wooden dowel and carve it to a point, thereby eliminating the edges of the paper that spiral around the wand. One thing though, I thought in the movie that Voldemort's wand was actually crooked? Guess I'll have to watch it again.

Actually I just looked it up, its not crooked. sorry.

I didn't have a big enough dowel and It is crooked in the movie, I was just using up what I had. Thank you though. ,:)

NanoRobotGeek (author)2014-11-22

Love the paint job, might want to make a more majestic stand though =3

Haha thanks. I'm going to make a hook like area for it to rest on.

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