Volkswagen Bus Campermobile Bench Seat REcovery

Picture of Volkswagen Bus Campermobile Bench Seat  REcovery
This project covers the Rear bench seat only, of our wonderful '79 VW campmobile. It came to us with a nice, durable, green and yellow plaid upholstery. Now we are semi-purists, we want to keep it as original as possible, but still enjoy the heck out of it. So the first thing we did was WASH every thing we could remove and get into the washer. 40 year old dust and ick are not my fav companions. All the upholstery was in very good shape except for the front seats, Which My husband Removed rebuilt and recovered with 'original' OEM fabric (mail order). They Came out beautifully, but I do not cover that here.
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Step 1: Get ready

Picture of Get ready
You will need:
Approx. 4 yards 60 inch wide Fabric. (Shop around, we paid $3.50 a yd. for $37 yd Fabric. Most Fabric stores have a table in the back for home decor fabrics remnants, and when the bolt gets under 10 yds they mark it down, then twice a year that goes on clearance. When you are talking decor fabric, under 10 yards is a remnant.) Oops , sorry my train derailed. ($14)
matching thread ($4)
measuring tape
sewing machine
screw driver
Staple gun & Staples ( I used 3/8" staples)
Edge binding tape ( this is optional, I wanted things to lay flat and that's not easy all the time, with thick Tapestry types of materials) ($4)
marking pen
Ruler (mine's name is JON)
Total : ($22 & a weekend of time)

Step 2: First Things First -

Picture of First Things First -
rear area clean.jpg
Take out the Seats!
Easy really, 8 fasteners on each seat. I found that if you lay the seats out into the bed position, then fold the bottom up over the back (top) bench, you get perfect access to the screws. When that's out, the access to the top seat is from under the seat, ( you have half your body in the tool area, you might want a towel or drop cloth).
mmmm no these areas were not this clean until the seats were out.
Ahhhhhhhhhhh yes... and the ones with the little stoves and fridges..........there are clubs for people who own VW busses they go on road trips together. it sounds like they have a lot of fun
1arrow246 years ago
oh, i so want a VW camper van. I ache for one!
chalky6 years ago
nice job! don't you just love vee dubbs:) people like your good selfs who lovingly look after and re-store these busses will always have a place in my heart. peace+love+respect
deanarue (author)  chalky6 years ago
Thank you so much! Sounds like someone should have a Bus, Too