Picture of Voltage Horizon

Voltage Horizon is a small app I made that puts a little tiny 2 pixel wide battery meter at the top of your screen. I'm surprised I'm the first person to come up with this idea! The % of the screen the bar takes up represents the amount of battery left. If the bar is the size of half your screen, then you have 50% battery left. at 50% the bar turns yellow, and at 35% it turns red.


In order for Voltage Horizon to start every time Windows starts, you will need to put Voltage Horizon.exe in Start Menu> All Programs> Startup.


Download Voltage Horizon
Dr. Pepper3 years ago
I got it!
Arbitror (author)  Dr. Pepper3 years ago
What do you think of it? Pretty original?
Yeah. It's very nice though it doesn't cover my whole screen when my battery is full.
Arbitror (author)  Dr. Pepper3 years ago
Are you using Windows 7? Does the Windows battery Meter say 100%? All the laptops and notebooks I've tested on works perfect...
I restarted my computer and it fixed it. I think it's so cool!