Picture of Voltage Regulator
Voltage Regulator Finished 2.bmp
Voltage Regulator Circuit Diagram.bmp
IMPORTANT I have recently dug this out of a box and tried to regulate 9v from an RC car battery, it did work, but then there was a puff of smoke and it became extremely hot. This may be because i have previously fried the regulator, but i thought i would let you all know so you can be careful. I may need some filtering capacitors, not sure. please tell me if you have any ideas.

This is the circuit for converting a 12V car supply to 4.5V. 

You will need:
2 X 2 wire PCB mounted terminal blocks (optional) 
1 X diode
1 X L78S05CV voltage regulator chip 
Some verro board
Some Wire
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Step 1: Connect the Terminal Blocks

Picture of Connect the Terminal Blocks
Drill a hole to break the tracks and solder the two terminal blocks as shown in the picture. 

Step 2: Connect the wire jumps

Picture of Connect the wire jumps
 Solder the jump wires in. 

Step 3: Connect the Diode

Picture of Connect the Diode
 Solder the diode in over the break in the tracks. 

Step 4: Solder in the voltage regulator

Picture of Solder in the voltage regulator
 Solder the voltage regulator in (bend it down so it's flat if space is an issue). 

Step 5: Test

Picture of Test
 Connect the power into the input end of the board. Test between the connections at the other end and it should read the voltage the chip is set for.