Good evening, folks!
Well I am a flash fan and I always want something special. I need a different Voltage to test my devices and it was always a problem with this. Today I say myself - enough with improvising. I took pencil and made a circuit ... cascade Voltage multiplier...

Step 1: Paper and Board

I assemble this on chipoard and put nearby A4 paper ... to see dimensions...

Source 220V AC
Cascade circuit double,triple (can on "N" ) Voltage ) ..it is used commonly in Bio-ionizators.
I achieve about 522V DC on both ends with two diodes and 1 capacitor (block).

Step 2: Thoughts

It is hard to find a 10W potentiometer of 20MOhm so I select  simple 20 pcs resistors 5W 2 MOhm.
Switch, fuse, two 1000V diodes1A, capacitor 600V 2mF...

Step 3: Box

Test was made on chipboard  --- but I have to made a proper box... of course from 4mm Plexiglas (Lexan). 522 Volts are not a joke... Color is also a matter of taste..

Step 4: Parts

Here you can see a holes for plugs... 10 blacks and 10 red... you can choose a different color.

Step 5: Assembled

Ready to switch on... me in background.

Step 6: On Ends

For testing my Braun vintage flash I need  510V E497 battery .... not any more.

Step 7: In the Middle...

Well, on the step nr.10...   272V... and so on....on 20 steps.

Step 8: Boxed

So, after a several hours, I finished this divider. Now I have what I want ... relatively safe.Thin flat box on table. Everything under eye.

If you made this - its on your  risk.


Interesting idea. I can see some uses for such a device. However, I would suggest using a 1:1 isolating transformer on the mains (220V) input. Just to give a small margin of safety.<br />
If you use transformer 1:3 ..1:2 ... you got immediately desired Votlage. <br /> Costs.Weight.Bulk.Noise.<br /> Please do explain how transformer increase safety?<br /> <br /> <br />
You've got a fuse in there and insulating materials, but there's possibly something we're both missing that <strong>Slowpoke</strong> is going to tell us about.<br /> I like the build, you've made it look very good.<br /> <br /> L<br />
Flink fuse us enough- This is a special tool (jig) and handling is with caution!<br />
Off topic question, are you allowed to put copyrighted images up on this site? All these images are.<br />
It all depends on the license used when publishing.<br /> <br /> It is against the rules to post copyrighted images that you do not own without the authors permission.<br /> <br /> You can post your own content under any license - and others using the content must abide by that license.&nbsp; Most commonly commercial share-alike means people can replicate/change it but must reference it as the original author's work.<br />
Dear,<br /> I think you are satisfy now. <br /> What you&nbsp; think about watermarks ?<br /> Sincerely yours.<br /> <br />

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