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Introduction: Voltage Divider

Good evening, folks!
Well I am a flash fan and I always want something special. I need a different Voltage to test my devices and it was always a problem with this. Today I say myself - enough with improvising. I took pencil and made a circuit ... cascade Voltage multiplier...

Step 1: Paper and Board

I assemble this on chipoard and put nearby A4 paper ... to see dimensions...

Source 220V AC
Cascade circuit double,triple (can on "N" ) Voltage ) ..it is used commonly in Bio-ionizators.
I achieve about 522V DC on both ends with two diodes and 1 capacitor (block).

Step 2: Thoughts

It is hard to find a 10W potentiometer of 20MOhm so I select  simple 20 pcs resistors 5W 2 MOhm.
Switch, fuse, two 1000V diodes1A, capacitor 600V 2mF...

Step 3: Box

Test was made on chipboard  --- but I have to made a proper box... of course from 4mm Plexiglas (Lexan). 522 Volts are not a joke... Color is also a matter of taste..

Step 4: Parts

Here you can see a holes for plugs... 10 blacks and 10 red... you can choose a different color.

Step 5: Assembled

Ready to switch on... me in background.

Step 6: On Ends

For testing my Braun vintage flash I need  510V E497 battery .... not any more.

Step 7: In the Middle...

Well, on the step nr.10...   272V... and so on....on 20 steps.

Step 8: Boxed

So, after a several hours, I finished this divider. Now I have what I want ... relatively safe.Thin flat box on table. Everything under eye.

If you made this - its on your  risk.




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Interesting idea. I can see some uses for such a device. However, I would suggest using a 1:1 isolating transformer on the mains (220V) input. Just to give a small margin of safety.

If you use transformer 1:3 ..1:2 ... you got immediately desired Votlage.
Please do explain how transformer increase safety?

You've got a fuse in there and insulating materials, but there's possibly something we're both missing that Slowpoke is going to tell us about.
I like the build, you've made it look very good.


Flink fuse us enough- This is a special tool (jig) and handling is with caution!

Off topic question, are you allowed to put copyrighted images up on this site? All these images are.

It all depends on the license used when publishing.

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You can post your own content under any license - and others using the content must abide by that license.  Most commonly commercial share-alike means people can replicate/change it but must reference it as the original author's work.

I think you are satisfy now.
What you  think about watermarks ?
Sincerely yours.