Voltage Doubler





Introduction: Voltage Doubler

let's have a view on circuit diagram

Step 1: Components Required

1) Diode 2
2) Capacitors 2
3) Connecting wires
4) Bread board
5) Multimeter
6) ac source 12 v

Step 2: Description

give the connection as per the circuit diagram, the two violet wires are used to check the output.

Step 3: Testing

We got the doubled output..
hope you guys enjoyed..

if you guys have any doubts comment below..!



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    Not working why ,
    My connection is 100% right


    Dude, this circuit is of ac full wave rectifier. I wonder how you are getting "voltage doubled" that to in AC??

    This is not a full wave bridge recifier. a full wave bridge rectifier would use four diodes and no capacitors and the diodes would be two in series parallel to another two in series, tapped in the middle of each series.

    hey dude.. can u explain how i can get 15v from dc motor using voltage tripler or voltage double.my dc motor produce 5v only..can u sent circuit at andy89_tgkk@yahoo.com

    what capacitor rating would i need to go from 6v to 12v

    You might wanna mention that you need large capacitor values to get a decent output current with this configuration. It can be used for low current bias and such, but if you need a higher voltage, it's generally better to use another transformer.

    Here is the correct schematic.


    Positive output labeled "V-"


    Sometimes pixels disappear on the thumbnails - Open in full size, and you'll see it's a plus sign.

    thanks for mentioning Omnivient