The Vorganjund is the first knex gun that I have ever made that incorperates a turret. It works well except the fact that it cant hold much power. I'm still trying to fix the problem but it DOES shoot every time though. Enjoy the pics. :)

Oh and I got the turret design from beanieostrich. Thanks btw.
<p>This gun is pretty awesome. The looks just amaze me, and although the concept may not be amazing, this is a good gun...nice work.</p>
wow what a beast :-D
I'm totally agreed with the-dutch-guy :D
this is amazing! how did you manage to figure out a way for the turret to work like that? <br> <br>5*
honestly it was just trial and error and thanks for the 5*
anyhow awesome thinking :D and it deserves nothing less than a 5 ^__^
thanks v2 coming soon
cant wait for that :D
Very nice!
No problem.
I beg you.... Post this... Or someone else post it. <br>I won't sleep 'till someone posted this. <br>If you walk in Holland and you see a zombie-like person <br>brabbling thinks like; 'Revenge on Blackshadow12' <br>Then don't get scared, It's me.
i will after my next project :)
im still waiting ..... its august
Sorry I havent gotten around to it but i will after my next pump action I PROMISE.
well ..... ok then
youve got to post this
sorry man i already took it apart :(
that stinks..... a lot<br>
yeah sorry :(
all i need to know is where the turret connection takes place
to the yellow connectors in the middle of the gun
ok i got it pics should be up in a few days(just to let you know-I didnt make mine exactly like yours so it might look a little off)
thats fine bro
sorry cameras acting bad D: will see if they upload tommarrow
nope no luck with it i will be getting a new camers since this one is shot
alright that sucks
iknow, i will be gone on a buisness trip from this sunday for 2 weeks
normally I dont like turrets but this is a nice gun
I might try to make this from the pics :D
good luck :)
first I have to take apart my pin bow before I start to build though..............
you dont have to build it dude
bang tidy<br>
Bang tidy? I'm assuming that's good.:)
I want Instructions. Wish you could use red rods...
sorry I already took it apart :(
Must be it didn't work that well...
it fired every time the rounds just didnt go that far
Looks good, is there any way to increase the ram draw? Drawing back on a red rod seems a bit inefficient. If I were you I'd also add a small rubberband on the guide instead of the blue spacer, to minimise recoil. It would be a good idea to allow the pin to accelerate as much as possible so that maximum momentum is transferred.
i would if i coud but i cant...cuz its apart :(
It's not powerful because the pin is very heavy. You have a lot of junk on it.

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