Introduction: Vrksana or Tree Pose

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Over the years Yoga has become increasingly popular. The following are instructions on how to complete the pose Vrksana, more commonly known as the Tree Pose. This pose will help with flexibility and balance. 

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Step 1: Step One

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Start in Mountain pose. The feet should be hip width apart and toes spread out wide to create a firm base. With arms hanging by your side, hands opened, and fingers spread apart. See the image above for an example of the proper stance.

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Step 2: Step Two

Find a focal point on the floor about four to five feet in front of you. This can be any point on the floor where you should focus your eyes on. As you focus on this point it will help you concentrate on the pose and keep your balance. 

Step 3: Step Three

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Raise your right foot off the floor and place the bottom of your foot against the inside of your left thigh. See the image above for proper foot placement. 

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Step 4: Step Four

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Extend your arms out to the side so they make a 90 degree angle with your body and are parallel to the floor. This will help you establish your balance. See the image above for a reference of proper arm positioning. 

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Step 5: Step Five

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Bring your hands to heart center. In heart center the hands should be placed with the palms together, fingers to the ceiling, arms bent at the elbow, and pointed away from the body. The image above shows the finished position. 

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Step 6: Step Six

After several deep breaths, or you feel that you have spent enough time in the pose, slowly and controlled bring you hands back to your side and place your right foot back on the ground, stepping out of the pose.

Step 7: Step Seven

Repeat steps 1-6, on the opposite side, raising your left foot and placing it on the inside of your right leg, in order to have balanced stretching.

Step 8: Steps for More Advanced Yoga Practices

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If you are looking for more of a challenge and a better test of balance try the following modifications. After completion of step five you can extend your arms, straight up, above your head with fingers extended towards the ceiling. Or with your arms raised above your head, you may place your palms together above your head as well. See the image above for proper arm positioning. 

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Step 9: Modification to Make the Pose Easier

If you cannot bring your foot up to your thigh you may also place the bottom of your foot against the inside of the calf. Or you may place the heel of your foot just above the ankle joint and place your toes on the ground. Make sure to avoid putting your foot over the inside of the knee joint.


It would be great to see a video of this!

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