Introduction: Vulcan Salute Cookie

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This 3D printed vulcan salute cookie cutters can make perfect cookies for trekkies and trekkers.

Step 1: Download and Print the Cookie Cutter

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I designed this cookie cutter and modified it several times to ensure it works well.
If you have a 3D printer, just print it. If don't, try to ask your local hackerspace for help.

Step 2: Cut Cookies an Bake

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Use any recipe you like to make the cookie.
This step is nothing special.

One thing to notice, If you are in trouble of mold-releasing, cover your cutter loosely with plastic warp.
When making chocolate cookies, Don't let any white flour on it, try cocoa powder.


LibaRuchel (author)2013-12-24

This is actually the ancient hand gesture from the Jewish high priests. Leonard Nimoy borrowed it from them.

woadandbones (author)2015-07-19

*Vulcan Enthusiast quietly chuckling in the background* I wonder if OP realizes that Vulcans hands are considered sex organs. Let's bake up a batch of phallic and yonic cookies to complement.

MicioGatta (author)2013-12-24


MicioGatta (author)2013-12-21

Grandioso!!!!!!!! I agree with Kiteman.

cfaber (author)2013-12-20

You should set up a paypal donation button for yourself.

Kiteman (author)2013-12-20

Oh, that is very cool.

You could sell the cutters for actual cash money!

iGreeny (author)Kiteman2013-12-20

I truly want to! But since I'm in China, the shipping fee to other country is too expensive.
In addition, the cookie cutter is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license, so anyone can print and sell it~ It will be my pleasure if every trekkie can get one.

Kiteman (author)iGreeny2013-12-20

That's cool, and I appreciate your generosity with your files.

Lectric Wizard (author)2013-12-20

"cover your cutter loosely with plastic warp." I think you mean wrap, but since it's Star Trek warp works better !! HeHe... The cookies are cool !!!

iGreeny (author)Lectric Wizard2013-12-20

HaHa~Thanks for your appreciate.

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2013-12-19

Haha! How fun! This looks awesome :)

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