W5W Led Car Spare Bulb





Introduction: W5W Led Car Spare Bulb

Easy way to understand how to make W5W led bulb for your car.
It will never burn up ;)

Prosty sposob na zrobienie zarowek postojowych W5W led.
Nigdy sie nie przepala ;)



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    The problem with using 10mm LEDs is that the LED inside is actually small and doesn't put out much light, so if you were to use one of these, it would be much dimmer. It may be good in some applications like maybe license plate light or dashboard light but it won't be good for interior light or parking light.

    I will put it in different format with all specs but at this time I don't have time and enough patient to deal with Instructables submit form ;] this slideshow took me 2 days to post it...

    yooo..., nice instructables, but can't understand your format.

    If had some extra time and would be kind enough to post this in a step by step format, we would surely appreciate it.

    Meh. Clear enough to me, but it doesn't really teach you anything. If you know enough to understand the slideshow completely, then you don't really need the instructable. A single photo of the finished product would do exactly the same for me.

    Good Idea, but it would be nice to know some specs, such as materials and how this is all put together.