WARNING: What Will Happen If You Mix Coke and Detergent?





Introduction: WARNING: What Will Happen If You Mix Coke and Detergent?

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Step 1: To Do Such a Experiment You Need!!!

Step 2: Mixing Cola and Washing GEL Results in a Very Unexpected and Dazzling Reaction!

Step 3: at the Bottom We Will See a Residue in the Form of Sand!

Step 4: Radiates a Marvelous Glow in the Dark.

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    Cool! How long does it glow for?

    cool! if you put more detergent in the coke, what will happen? Can the whole bottle turn blue?

    So does this work with any detergent or a specific type of detergent?

    To be honest, I don't know what the Coke is doing besides precipitating the photo luminescent component out into a powdery substance. We used to take liquid laundry detergent and write on the walls in college. It glows under black light or no light (after some exposure to regular light). I would bet the gel will glow in the dark without the help of Coke.

    BTW, if you're going to try writing on your walls, be sure the detergent is clear. We tried doing this under black light without first looking at the detergent. After a few hours' work, we turned the regular lights on to discover it was, in fact, blue...

    lol - it reminds me that quinine glows under black light. You never know what is mixed in coke (unlike the detergent - which sound strange enogh though).

    Just look on the ingredients shown in step 2. All kinds of wizardry may happen with that.

    I don't know if it's still the case, but in the past detergent for laundry had some stuff that converts UV light into visible light, thus making white appearing even more white.

    When I was a boy and mixed any chemical I could find I always wanted such things to happen xD

    Right. I was interested more in an explanation of what chemical reactions were producing which effects, not just a list of chemicals.

    So, now you are an adult and mixing any chemical you can find? :)

    Not really ;-) But this guy obviously did. I think that even if you know the chemical reaction, it's hard to know what makes the glow effect. There's a substance called luciferine which glow worms use to make light. Maybe that's been produced? But honestly, I have no idea.

    It's luciferase--an enzyme that converts chemical bond energy into light: bioluminescence. The big difference between fluorescence, which is what's occurring here and (chemi)luminescence is the source of the energy. In fluorescence, a shorter wavelength of light is absorbed and some energy is re-emitted at a longer wavelength (eg., UV light from a blacklight giving rise to blue light). With luminescence, chemical energy gives rise to the photons. This is the same process by which glowsticks work, although they use hydrogen peroxide and a chemical called luminol to provide the light.

    Good to know there's someone with a background :-) My chemical background is mostly from science shows (I'm an IT guy else). IIRC the reaction in the glow worms is started by two molecules: luciferine and luciferase which start the chemo-luminescent reaction similar to the glow sticks which also mix two different "things".

    I admire your adventurousness and generosity in sharing the results. Thanks.

    yes wow just wow. The chemistry behind this is gonna be complex. No one can just give the answer on the spot

    Oh! Never mind! I looked closer at the container! Laundry! Sorry! Thanks!!!

    Is it dish or laundry detergent. I have both that look identical.