How can you light a fire for survival if you having nothing but a water bottle and a bright sunny day?  Check this out!!  Normally, we'd think of using water to put OUT A FIRE, but in this video I show you how I use water to START THEM.  If you like survival and fire-making techniques, this video is a MUST SEE!


CURLYFRIES (author)2016-05-04

hey Grant i wanted to know exactly how does this work im doiing a science project and i want to do this but my teacher wants me to explain how does the fire start with the water and the bottle if u can please inbox me that'll be great

nancyjohns (author)2015-09-01

Hey... This guy is using your stuff.

nancyjohns (author)nancyjohns2015-09-01

Oops. Didn't get the link. Here.

ervincible (author)2013-07-29

nice info

FindMeAwesome (author)2013-04-05

Great. Now if I see a hobo I can teach him how to start a fire.

Dakotamouse (author)2013-01-12

I'm loving your videos...........I'm supposed to be cleaning off my desk and getting my bills paid......but nooooooo here I am going from video to video!!!!

Hahaha, that's a great compliment for me! I hope you don't get in trouble though!! :D

Oh, well that's what cold winter weekends are for!

Excellent! :D Thanks again for your comment!

MrE (author)2012-08-07

What are all those other vidoe parts that show as brief little bits before your video starts?

The King of Random (author)MrE2012-08-07

Those are clips from other projects I've done, or am working on that will be coming out later. Check out my YouTube channel Thanks!

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