Today is Monday, April 6, 3pm (at my country)

Wow, Its a little bit cooler but I am scaring about the summer coming. How can we against that hot without air conditioner ?

Let me show you a trick that will help you to transform your OLD FAN (sometimes it's hot fan XD) to something new like WATER SPRAY COOLING FAN :D

Step 1: Preparation

Picture of Preparation

(1x) 2m Copper pipe

(1x) Mini water pump

(1x) Plastic/rubber tubing

(1x) Foam cooler box

(1x) Old fan (still work)

Step 2: Making Progress

Picture of Making Progress

2.1. Make copper pipe spiral

2.2. Link plastic tubing with copper pipe

2.3. Join plastic tubing with pump output

2.4. Use cable ties to fix device on fan

2.5. Connect them with foam cooler

Step 3: Mechanism

Step 4: ​Hope You Succeed !

Hope you succeed !

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ivankoupala (author)2015-04-06

I have heard of this method before but I always understood it to be most effective in places with low humidity. How effective would something like this be in places with 50%+ humidity?

TrầnB (author)ivankoupala2015-04-06

Thank you for your comment,

I think, high humidity is not problem because water go through the copper pipe and make it cool, then will come back to the cooler again and again, the water at the copper surface is very little.

Btw, if you worry about humidity, I recommend you to watch this

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