WAVE is probably the weirdest Helping Hands device you've ever seen. Why is it called "WAVE"? Because it is a Helping-Hands device that was built out of Microwave parts!

But the fact that WAVE looks weird, Doesn't mean that it can't be the best homemade "Helping-Hands for Soldering" device ever, Here I'll show you how I made it!

About a month ago, I built The Ultimate 14-in-1 Soldering Helping Hands Station. And as listed in the title, It has 14 different functions. The only problem is that the Helping-Hands aren't really that strong because they're made of a flexible material (They can hold ~500 grams, But when I solder, I put more pressure on the PCB, Which makes it fall...). This made me think of "Why does the arm need to be flexible?" "It just makes it uncomfortable"!

I decided to make one that doesn't have flexible arms, Is strong enough to hold any PCB, And will never fall over, Which is: WAVE!

Ok, Enough! Let's get to work!

Step 1: What You'll Need


A Small Aluminum Vise (It costs less than $3.50!!!)

Self Adhesive Rubber Feet

A Big Microwave Transformer (Mine weighs ~3.5 Kg.)

Metal Epoxy (Or a Welder, If you have one...) +Mixing Stick

Silicone Adhesive


Metal File / Sanding Stone

Vise (A real one, Now as a tool)



Why: Because Circuit Boards don't hold themselves!

Protection Gear Needed: A Respirator

Cost (for me): <$3.50

Needed Skills: Sawing, Epoxy-ing

Approximate Time: 30 Minutes

Step 2: Saw the Vise (Saw Off the Screw Part)

I used a hacksaw to saw off the part of the vise that holds it on the table, It was really easy because the vise is made of Aluminum.

I kept the screw part of the vise in case I would need it for another project, Such as turning it into a C-Clamp :)

WARNING: I bought a cheap Vise so I could make this project, Do not ruin a real vise! A Hacksaw won't be strong enough to cut through a real vise anyway...

Step 3: Roughen the Surface of the Vise & Transformer

To help the Epoxy adhere better, I roughened the surface of the Vise and the Transformer with a metal File.

Step 4: Glue the Vise to the Transformer W/ Epoxy

After making sure that the surface was rough enough for the Epoxy to adhere well, I smeared some Epoxy onto the vise and stuck it onto the Transformer. I also added some more epoxy around the edges to strengthen the adhesion even more, As shown in Picture #2.

Step 5: Add the Rubber Feet

I added some self adhesive rubber feet to the bottom of the Transformer so it wouldn't scratch my worktable. If you don't have these rubber feet, You can add a dab of hot glue in each corner

Step 6: Upgrade the Strength of the Jaws Grip (On the PCB) W/ Silicone Adhesive

I wanted to ensure that the grip on the PCB was at its best, So I added smeared a thin layer of SIlicone Adhesive onto the the Jaws of the Vise. This helps add more friction which makes the PCB sit firmly in the Jaws.

Bonus: The silicone also protects the PCB from getting scratched by the Jaws (If that's even possible), And because Silicone is an insulator, It stops any accidental Short-Circuits (If the paint gets removed from the vise after a long time)



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<p>can i use a c clamp instead of the vise, because if i can then i will get building on the one u made</p>
<p>If you're able to connect it properly, why not? You tell me!</p>
I fanilly got a c clamp so i am gonna try to work on it tonight, probably with a wodden base because i dont have a old microwave to take apart but i dont got a c clamp with holes in it( so i can bolt it on the side of the wood) and i got a LOT of ramdon bolts
<p>If the C-clamp isn't hardened, maybe you can drill a hole through it. Or maybe glue it?</p><p>Good luck! :)</p>
Thanks! I will let you know how it goes
I am sorry i mean i do got a c clamp
Ok i will try
<p>Looks great! If I remember correctly, the aluminum vise that I bought actually costs less than your vise, which is smaller. </p><p>You can clamp yours to the table, glue it with magnets to the wall, or attach it to an articulating lamp - all features that I would want! :)</p>
<p>Absolutely brilliant. I often need a portable vise, perhaps when gluing or soldering something, or a secondary vise alongside my main one. This will do nicely and can be put away when not in use. I love the quality of your photos, you seem to have the right kit and know how to use it.</p><p>Next time I see an abandoned microwave it will be mine... all mine... Whoaahahahaha </p>
<p>Thanks! Glad you liked it! :)</p>
<p>Super - practical - and like you mentioned &quot;a must&quot;. My only comment to the welder option is that welding cast can be tricky and almost impossible for this application. Otherwise a perfect solution - Something I should do. </p><p>I agree the photos look great</p><p>Thanks</p>
<p>I didn't get notified for your comment... </p><p>Why would it be impossible, Because you have to weld aluminum to steel? (That's my best guess)</p><p>Thanks, I should (hopefully) now have even better pictures because I installed better lighting on my table :)</p>
Again just want to highlight - your project is really inspirational and something I look forward to doing. The welding comment is from experience and more mistakes than I care to mention. Welding cast alone is not easy - it cools off differently and almost always cracks. I think the epoxy used here is just right. Enough said, good project.
<p>Thank You!</p><p>If the Epoxy wouldn't be strong enough (and break), I could always do it again and strengthen it with some Rope, Zip-ties, Or a big Hose Clamp. I see no reason for it to break, It doesn't stand that much pressure...</p><p>Make sure to share pictures if you make it!</p>
<p>so please confirm: the transformer is really only there as a really heavy counter-weight that is square for mounting right? </p>
<p>You do not need a transformer.</p><p>I just used the transformer because it works great as a heavy base</p>
<p>Great idea yonatan! I really love picture quality of your instructables!Which camera lightening you use??</p>
<p>Thank you, I use <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/The-LEDPOD-12V-flashlight-tripod-and-more/">SpectrumLED</a> (only cool LED's @full brightness), And I recently mounted my <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/The-LEDPOD-12V-flashlight-tripod-and-more/">LEDPOD</a> on my table so now I have a lot of light on my worktable, Which dramatically increases the picture quality.</p><p>As of the camera, I'm using the Nikon D3000</p>
<p>Neat concept &amp; execution</p><p>Neat lateral development by OliverM19</p><p>Neat management of comments.</p><p>Great for everyone. Consider yourself followed Sir!</p>
<p>Why thank you for you <u>&quot;Constructive&quot;</u> criticism...</p><p>It looks like you didn't read the Instructable at all, Not any of my explanations. Why don't you read it, And then suggest any of your suggestions</p><p>Oh, And there's a difference between an &quot;Alligator Clip&quot; and a &quot;Vise&quot;. If you don't like seeing people's homemade projects, Why don't you delete you Instructables account?</p>
First Learn How to type Kid,&amp;<br>I Pretty Much Know Weather I need To delete My account Or Not.<br>So you Dont Need To Tell Me That.<br>Okay, I know You dont have the guts To bear that Comment.<br>Grow Up Kid. <br>
<p>The fact that I like to put a capital letter after a comma doesn't mean that I don't know how to type...</p><p>The irony! The irony! You meant to write &quot;Whether&quot;!</p><p><strong>Bye, I'm ending this conversation here, I don't like talking to internet trolls. </strong></p>
<p>Hi<br><br>Thanks for the instructable, I made it this morning, used an aluminium corner clamp instead, that has the advantage of clamping two boards at once or using different angles.</p><p>Hopefully I'm the first to build it! :)</p>
<p>Awesome!</p><p>Did you salvage that transformer from a stereo or something like that? I've never seen a microwave transformer that looks like that</p><p><strong>Enjoy the Free 3 Month Membership (I've PM'ed you)!</strong></p>
Brilliant instructable .....simple and practical.....and I just happen to have a microwave transformer sitting on my workbench....
<p>Awesome!</p><p>The PRO might flow to you soon :)</p>

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