Introduction: WD External HDD 1TB TEAR DOWN

Picture of WD External HDD 1TB TEAR DOWN

Lost power cord so I had to remove case and put in another

Step 1: Tools U Will Need

Picture of Tools U Will Need

Pry tools
Phillips screwdriver

Step 2: Pry Outer Case Off

Picture of Pry Outer Case Off

Insert pry too move up or down to pop plastic clips

All the way around

Step 3: Silver Connection Plate

Picture of Silver Connection Plate

Remove two screws from silver cover
Then pry up the metal tabs

Step 4: Pop HDD Out

Picture of Pop HDD Out

With all the screws out the HDD should pop out

Now do what u will with the drive


seamster (author)2015-05-05

Good tips, thanks!

(What's with that main image, though?)

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