howdy everyone! this instructable is actually the culmination of many past projects of mine, however they have all been used together to do something really cool! basically its a cannon that you can control over the web through a google site apps script, so without further ado, let us begin BTW Please watch the video, it explains it all :)
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Step 1: The cannon

Picture of the cannon
in order to get the best result ive designed a custom valve system that is pneumatically actuated the details to the construction of this cannon can be found in this other instructable of mine :

Step 2: The control electronics

Picture of the control electronics
ok, so the electronics were recycled from another project of mine, i was building a light sequencer for the holidays to out do the neighbors in Christmas decorations but it worked fine for my purpose of switching a solenoid valve heres a video if you curious to know what this thing is capable of

Step 3: The software

Picture of the software
ftp to serial.jpg
the software comes from another one of my previous instructables found here:
skorpijon2 years ago
Great instructable.
austech2 years ago