Introduction: Smart Trick to Use Whats App As Unlimited Cloud Storage and Notepad

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Hi all ... little laziness also makes u intelligent

In this, i am going to say a way to convert Whatsapp or Facebook messenger as a NOTEPAD to keep notes or as hints-book.


  1. No separate app or software required.
  2. Cloud Storage
  3. Unlimited Storage
  4. data encryption
  5. NO IOS or ANDROID problems
  6. easy access
  7. Easily shareable

Step 1: In Whatsapp

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Step 1
Commence by opening Whatsapp. Chats screen is displayed first and menu option placed at top right is visible. Open WhatsApp > CHATS

Step 2

Tap on the menu option and select the option of creating a new group.

CHATS > New group

Step 3

Add any one of your friend

ADD GROUP PARTICIPANTS > + > User Name of your contact (ABC)

Finally remove him.

Step 2: In Facebook Messanger

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On the Messenger App

Sign in to Facebook Messenger, and then go to the Groups menu.

Select the + button located at the bottom of your screen, and enter a name for your group.

Similarly, add a member and remove him.

That group acts as an unlimited Cloud storage +highly secure +Good Notepad... etc
make sure you don't exit from it....:P

Add many groups for various remainders or different storages as ur wish no limits....!

Try it....Simple and very easy ..rock that's it...! S

Disclaimer: Sorry ....! Jan Koum Brian Acton and Mark Zuckerberg.


dragon fllyer (author)2017-09-14

I don't actually get this...

Ranga1995 (author)dragon fllyer2017-09-14

just creat a group with one person and remove bro in whatsapp or messanger ... simple

u can keep notes any thing and can usee to store images or files ...

even if you delete the app...

you can relogin and get it .... try it

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