I would have read the whole thing, but I didn't because it is in ALL CAPS.
The caps make it seem... not so interesting. It's like you're yelling at us.
Would it not have been better and easier to remove the wheels and mount the skateboard to the ply directly via the axles? (Lose points for CAPS LOCK) L
I wanted quick change ability, it is an evolving design first thought of U-bolts to mount but that could be a clearance problem, didn't want anything penetrating the plywood to mar the surface or damage the WIIFIT Kinda of the way I see this is a mounting plate for the WIIFIT, what is mounted of it is open to the imagination, built a second one for a Flowboard it does not move the same as the skateboard modification its the skate trucks that make the difference. I had heard of adaptor for a snowboard to WIIFIT, where this idea started, but as far as I know it has not happened
Yeah, I get it - thanks L

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