Step 4: The Tracks

Now wall-e needs Some Tacks to roll on.

I used black drawer liner for this but if you can find anything else that works thats fine. 

Make a triangle like the picture to support the sides

Glue them on 

Cut the tracks out of the liner and glue the track in one piece so they can be detachable 
<p>can you make this out of wood</p>
That's pretty legit dude, but is it at all possible to hook it up so that his eyes (or at least one of them )are projectors? I mean seriously, how dope would it be to play Wii on the side of a wall? :P
So sick. How long do you think it took you to put together?
Thanks, And about 1 week.
very nice! :) but i think its name should be WIIL-E (we lee)
Good suggestion. Kind of reminds me of John Pinette's &quot;Free Willy&quot; routine
thx :)<br>
Wow, this is awesome!
You should build a M-O Gameboy!
Very smart u should have called it wall-wii it makes sence
This looks great... however i would be worried about the heat + flammable substance =no more wii/house<br><br>Anyways... great looking easy mod<br><br>high five for you
There is a fan in the back of the wii, and in the walle the back is open allowing it to be cooled perfectly.
okay... as long as your happy that's the main thing :)
This is AMAZING and deserves to win!

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