WIKarts: Create Coffee Sticker Bracelets, Earrings, & Necklaces




Introduction: WIKarts: Create Coffee Sticker Bracelets, Earrings, & Necklaces

Simple ways to turn coffee stickers into jewelry!


Tools and Materials

Beaded Coffee Sticker Bracelet:

- 6 of 25mm flat wooden beads

- 6 (or more) of spacer beads with large holes

- 1 ft. of 1mm elastic cord

- 6 coffee stickers

- Scissors

- You may also need a 1/16 inch drill bit

Leather Cuff and Coffee Sticker Bracelet

- Leather cuff (at least 3/4 inch wide)

- 6-7 coffee stickers

You can also use a wider cuff and more stickers for multiple rows!

Bead and Coffee Sticker Earrings

- 2 of 25mm flat wooden beads

- 6 inches of wire or two 3 inch headpins

- 2 earwires and 2 small jump rings

- 4 coffee stickers

- Round nose pliers

- 2 pairs of pliers (Flat-Nose or Chain-Nose)



Supplies for this tutorial can be purchased here:

Coffee Stickers - http://www.cruzincap.com

Wooden Beads - http://www.beadsandpieces.com

Extras - https://www.etsy.com and/or your local fabric shop and jewelry supply stores.

I hope you enjoy this instructable!

Visit my website at http://WIKarts.com for information about my other projects and publications.



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