this stealthy camera that almost fits in my pocket has several lenses that capture images at different points during the photographing process.
one when the shutter fires ,another does a slit scan when winding on, and a pinhole for when its not being used. its also got a infra red 'fogger'  for when the cameras left for longer periods of time. its based on a russian fed5 and contains parts from a old sony video camera, a webcam, a can of red bull, a zenit camera, some plumbing supplies , maybe some lego, an kodak advantex camera. it weighs 580g when loaded with film and batterys. it automatically advances to the next frame. focus shutter speed and apertures are fixed .


Step 1:

i removed the shutter housing and mounted the lenses inside. the webcam one at its original sensor distance. the advantex electric shutter and the lens from a viewfinder i had kicking about in my spares box for ages. the redbull can served as a pinhole and slit material. and a surface for the filler, i rougthly stuck it around the lenses with superglue,it did not have to be tidy because it would all be buried in bodyfiller. i made a hole to get to the shutter solenoid incase it jammed it would give me something to jab at,this hole is also the ir fogger i hope to get a shadow of the spring on the film. for the pinhole i consulted this handy online calculator.http://www.mrpinhole.com/calcpinh.php then i took a guess at it.
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