WINDEX 15 (Davis Instruments) Storage-Transport Container

Picture of WINDEX 15 (Davis Instruments) Storage-Transport Container
Problem: How to prevent breaking the WINDEX during transport of sailboat.

Solution: Stare at expensive plastic repaired WINDEX (points at direction of wind) as the adhesive dries in its temporary holding position and realize it was the solution as well.
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Step 1: Deeper problem review - how to get from A to Z

Picture of Deeper problem review - how to get from A to Z
The WINDEX came with a newly purchased sailboat and was expediently packed in with mainsheet, painters, and a variety of what became violent enough items to break the rather tough plastic of a $20 Windex. A little CSA gel (superglue)effected a strong repair - still lucky (glue wise) after all these years. I use a plastic container with a little casting sand for holding odd shaped glue-ups until the adhesive sets. Works great. That picture is in the introductory step.

Then after a little germination time (time is relative - so this can be a few minutes to a few months), the container itself appears to be part of the solution to prevent a repeat of this problem. It just isn't long enough on its own to fully protect the Windex. But lo, sitting next to it is a give-away water bottle from the last hospital visit (that is another instructable by the way). How to join these into a single protective carrier/transporter? Hmmmm. Maybe welding, since these are both HDPE (HiDensityPolyEtylene)and are not readily glued. The solution is afoot.
KronoNaut7 years ago
I keep my windex attached to the roof of my VW van when it is not on the boat. :)