Hey guys, I'm stale56, and I'm gonna teach you people how to make a movie in windows movie maker, this has a lot of possibilities, here are some music videos I made all by myself on windows movie maker.


Step 1: Find the icon on your desktop

Picture of find the icon on your desktop
The picture shows what the file looks like, and you may have to click the start button, and search from there.
I have made a movie as a gift, and want to put it on a cd and I am able to do this but then it doesn't play----------------what could I be doing wrong it is really good and I am afraid that I will never be able to have it except on the computer, can you help thanks
stale56 (author)  patriciamedeiros6 years ago
hmmm... when you get to the point where you can publish it (see pic 2), hit DVD, then go on from there. Are you putting the video on a blank CD or a blank DVD? If your putting it on a CD it might have to be on a blank DVD sometimes the DVD player doesn't play custom DVDs. That's all I could possibly think of, I never saved my file onto a DVD before.
wilcurt6 years ago
You get the catigator but I get the spider-squirrel!
stale56 (author)  wilcurt6 years ago
rofl, wtf?
lemonie6 years ago
Nice choice of music. L
stale56 (author)  lemonie6 years ago
thanks, i made 2 more music videos, but the sound quality is extremely crapy, and soft. i even made one of me singing a duet with myself, but it got annoying because somebody who comes to my house often would play it, and i suck at singing, but anything on the 'ible? how do u guys like it?
lemonie stale566 years ago
I would link to one of mine but the sound track has far too much swearing in it. Mind you this one's OK I guess.

wilcurt6 years ago
What's up with the croco-kitten?!?
stale56 (author)  wilcurt6 years ago
its called a catigator. get it right.