So My cat, whom I adore, decides one day that my iphone wire looks delicious....


on the other end of things, our rabbit decides the flimsy Wii Bar wire looks like something he should chew in half...so this has left us with no choice but to purchase another one. We opt for the Wii Wireless Bar. At first... ITS GREAT! No wires, no hassle, works great and all.

BUT as the weeks woudl go by we realize we have gone through a huge pack of Kirklands best AA batteries... :(
aside from feeling enviromentally guilty, i feel the need to find a cheap/free/quick easy power source fix

and there it is... a USB port just begging to use the 5V .05a its supplied...and guess what 4xAA's = 5v!

Step 1: Materials and Steps 1&2

Gather your materials:

1) Cat/Dog/Rabbit/ Spouse chewed USB cord, (as long as most of the cord is intact you should be fine.)
2) Wireless Wii Bar, destroyer of batteries...
3) Small philliips screw driver
4) Wire stripper
5) Heat shrink tube (various sizes)
6) Solder Iron/gun
7) Solder
8) Electrical Tape

Step one:
If the animal has not severed the iphone end of the cord, cut it off and strip the wire about 8 inched to expose the 4 smaller FRAGILE wires underneath.

Step two:
Clip the WHITE and GREEN  wires ( these are for data transfer, the RED and BLACK are pos. neg. respectively)

I did exactly the same thing a while back (https://www.instructables.com/id/Wii-Bar-Cordless-No-More/). For a place to plug the USB into, why not the Wii itself?
Since the bar connects wirelessly to the Wii, I keep it in a closet down the hall way. So I reduce the clutter around the tv. I ran rcas to the closet/hdmi so now all I have is the tv and the remote sensor. Nice and neat.
Excellent. My kids have the same wireless Wii bar, and I've been using the mountain of dead AA batteries to build a zombie-proof fort for the coming undead apocalypse. Anyway, I never understood why there isn't a prefabricated jack on the unit for a common 'battery eliminator' and I was thinking of kludging one in. I might do this instead, as I have a ton of old USB cables with uncommon connectors for cellphones I no longer own.
I finished my conversion, and went 'down the middle' with it. Instead of going with USB, or with a battery eliminator, I chose to use an old USB wall charger for a Motorola RAZR that's been sitting in a drawer for a few years. Thankfully, my cat hasn't eaten the cable, so, it didn't need to be rewrapped. Other than that, I followed your guide. As for the battery fort, I have three kids who supply me with dead batteries every few days. So, I should be okay ! Thanks again for this !
VERY NICE! <br>another note....not sure if you ever noticed, but the controller would not be as responsive as the batteries became weaker.... <br> <br>Thank you for this...it makes me feel like i helped somebody! <br> <br>Show me some more!! <br> <br>
THANKS! <br> <br>We though it would be a great purchase but quickly realised the cost of batteries would soon outweigh the fanciness of a completely wireless wii bar. <br> <br>Plus I figured these unused USB ports have the power surging to them all the time....why not use this &quot;free&quot; energy... <br> <br>a prefab jack would have been nice...but it would have likely be a wall plug...i wish these manufacturers would be smarter and install a prefab universal USB port in these types of electronics....especially becuase nowadays alot of TVs or cable boxes etc have un used USB ports... <br> <br>You may not want ot give up on the batteries though...especially if your battery fort isnt complete yet! <br> <br>
A job well done.............

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