WKND Shabby



Introduction: WKND Shabby

I wanted to set a challenge to do a shabby chic project in a weekend. One added benefit is Mr Bear has a nice seat in my girls bedroom.

Step 1: Sand,paint,varnish,done

With this size project it only took about two hours to sand the longest time was waiting for the paint to dry.

1. Begin to strip with 60 grit sandpaper using a belt sander.
2. Then we move up the grades repeating the process again using 100 grit and 150 grit.
3. I had some paint left from a previous project it only required two coats, sand in between using P400.


4. After the final coat lightly sand with 60 grit on any areas where it would get worn to achieve the shabby look and finish with P600 to get it smooth.

5. Apply two coats of clear matt varnish just to protect.

Really pleased with how this turned out, as I wanted to make it a weekend project to prove how easy it is to do. Would love to see examples of any of your work and welcome comments.



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